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Why is victoza not working for me after taking for 4 months with metaformin 1000 n insulin novomix?

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27 May 2012

There are a few reasons why medication doesn't work. Pts are individuals and respond differently, if you exercised enough, did you follow the diet well, did you drink alot of water? Not knowing you its really hard to say why it isn't working for you.

kaismama 27 May 2012

You didn't say if you were type one or two. It doesn't work for type1

27 May 2012

yes i am type 2,,, and i exercise 1 hour everyday ,,, n take little carb n sugar,,but not drinking much water..which i will do now.. thanks

kaismama 28 May 2012

Were you controlled before the victoza? I do know that drinking enough water can make a difference. I'll do a little more research on victoza and see what I can find out.

kaismama 28 May 2012

Here is a web site that might give you some info and there is a number to call with questions,

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