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Hi, I have urinary incontinence problem while coughing and sneezing. pls help me?

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16 Mar 2012

This is a common problem, especially in females. Have you tried doing Kegal exercises to strengthen the muscles? What you do, if you are not familiar, is to squeeze the muscles down there like you are cutting off your urine flow. Squeeze them as hard as you can, then hold starting for 15-30 seconds or however long you can hold, but try to work your way up to 30-60 seconds at a time, then relax the muscles. Do this in repetition for several reps and try to do it several times a day. No one can tell you are doing it so you can do it while watching TV, riding in the car, waiting in line at the store-wherever. After you have been doing this several times a day for a few weeks, you may begin to see improvement in your ability to hold your urine better.

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16 Mar 2012

Hi there,

I had 2 children and am very flexible. I had to have surgery because kegels would not help me. I had my uterus taken out too so I would have less weight on my bladder. I was done having kids, you don't have to have it out. I'm glad I did because it also stop your period for the rest of your life of coursre. It depends how old you are too. I was 42. I had a few surgeries done while he was in there. Everything was lifed front to back. Now it's been 8 years and I need to get it done again except this time he is going to put a sling to hold my bladder up. He thought it would last much longer time. But I'm flexible so things stretch easily in me. Call your Gynecologist for info. That's who did mine. He will also refer you to a Urologist.

Good luck and take care,


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