Urinary Incontinence - can I buy something over the counter to clear up the urinary tract infection?

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14 Nov 2009

If it is an infection then you have to see a doctor. You won't be able to get anything over the counter.

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17 Jan 2010

I have no control of bowels and have urinary incontinence, I am a paralegic and self cath. One thing that helps me from uti I stopped drinking soda's and drink alot of welches grape juice, It has alot of vitamin c., I also take ditropan for bladder spasms, your kidneys and bladder does not like the acid, My dr. has told me to take a vitamin c supplement it helps as a defence for infection.I just last month had a bad uti and was useing a indweling cath and a leg bag and big bag for nights. I took cipro to treat the uti then i changed what I was drinking and it has helped alot. I hope this will help someone!

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31 Aug 2011

Self cathing is a super highway to recurrent infections even if you are extremely careful. Have your CFUs (Colony forming units) checked by your doctor. If they are above 100 CFU per mL of urine, you need an antibiotic. Along with the antibiotic take ellura (www.myellura.com). ellura is the only cranberry supplement that meets the requirements of an issued health claim. The health claim is through AFSSA (the French version of the FDA). Once your CFUs are below 100 CFU, continue taking ellura (1 capsule) daily and you should be in a much better place with your UTIs.

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