Hello all Im posting this for some hope that someone can give me advice on trying to stop using my drug of choice percocets/vicodin basically any opiate that i can get my hands on. I am 22 yrs old and was introduce to drugs when i was 16 by my x bf. It started off by smoking pot takin x and doing coke.. there was a point in my life ( around the age of 18 ) that i only did drugs when i was partying. but about a year ago i found the love of my life perks. again it was mostly off and on mostly when i was partying. this past summer i was into oc's big time. i realized how much money i was blowing and how much off my life i was throwing away that i managed to stop doing it. But this past october i started getting my hands on percs again and needless to say ive been doing them everyday since then. when i take them i feel like life is perfect of course thats what drug addicts feel like. i've been thru somethings this past year, like meeting my girlfriend and leaving my bf for her ( which i didnt get alot of support about ) losing most of my friends and lost of interest at work.. My mom kicked me out when i was 16 and ive been living with a friend and her family for 3 years.. this past year has been the worst they treat meet like im the oddball and baiscally ignore me. all of this makes me wanna use more. I am sappose to move out this next month with my girlfriend but seems like all my money goes to the drugs.. also my releationship with her has gone down hill because of this.

2 days ago i couldnt get my hands on anything so i said to myself this is it.. this is the time to stop. yesturday was the first day.. i had a 512 perk that i found and took it in the am.. came out of work and felt like * and couldnt stop crying.. my mind is going crazy.. i work 6am to 2pm m-f and since my legs were already starting to ache and i couldnt sleep i called out..

and now im here trying to find help on how to handle this withdrawl.. my brother gave me a couple of suboxones and i took half of one and i feel alittle better.. but i dont want to depend on drugs anymore.. i want my life back, i want my natural energy and happiness back..

any help on how to cope with the withdrawls.. considering i have to work everyday and i cant go on a clinic.. i want to do it cold turkey but im not sure if im strong enough.. also is there any good blogs or jorunals out there that i can join that people are going through the same thing as me? seems like nobody in my life can understand. ty