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Can I use triple antibiotic on my dog?

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18 Nov 2014

My vet prescribed this ointment for my dog's eye problem. That's what it is used for, not scrapes or skin problems.

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15 Dec 2012

Hello LuckieCedes,

Yes, for simple scrapes and abrasions. But still have your faithful companion checked by a Veterinarian.

Take care,


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15 Dec 2012

Yes just keep an eye on what it is you're using it on, he won't complain if it gets infected or something.

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16 Dec 2012

No it won't work. Metabolism only absorbs a certain amount at a time. That's why we can take 1 every couple hours or the excess will just go right through dogs system. Follow the vets directions

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kaismama 16 Dec 2012

What are you talking about, we're talking about ointment.

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