Topiramate - What are the good things that I should be feeling while on this drug?

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2 Nov 2012

Hello Anonymous. It really depends as to why you are taking Topiramate. Its a medication used in the treatment for Epilepsy (seizures) as well as Migraine Headaches. Its also prescribed (Off Label) for Obesity, Bi-polar Disorders, Alcoholism. Regards pledge

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3 Nov 2012

Hello, I took it for migraine prevention. Personally it didn't work very well for me and had some side effects I didn't care for. I have heard good and bad things about, like a lot of medicines. Some people like it because it supposedly causes weight loss. I never lost weight on it , but have heard of people who have. But Pledge is right. It's prescribed for different purposes. It may work well for you, depending on what you are taking it for. Whether you take it and like it or not, I wish the best of luck for you. And just because it didn't work well for me, doesn't mean it won't for you. Everyone's different. Have a great weekend. Best of luck, Ruthie

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