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Took around 35 mg of hydrocodone can i take an 8mg suboxone this morning?

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21 Sep 2010

Please discuss this with your doctor.

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oxyaaron 22 Sep 2010

your a big help i can do that anytime i was asking you


23 Sep 2010

Aaron, if you already have the suboxone in your system when you take the hydrocodone, it will block it, but you can take a suboxone . But, if you are not in withdrawal, for 24 hours from opiate, before you take the first subs, you will go into precipitated withdrawal, as the 2 chemicals try to fight for the receptor site in the brain. Did that help.

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Anonymous 23 Sep 2010

I know you are new to subs, but you should take both of these, you can still od from the one-two punch of medicines.

24 Sep 2010

I read your profile, and your anwsers, all of your anwsers.Life is what you make of it.Its true you have to able to live life, on lifes terms! Its also true in most cases that you decide those terms.I noticed you mentioned the fact that you were gettin Suboxone 3 days ago,and now your asking about mixing hydrocodone with it. Why sure you can! You mix gas with fire too.You can also mix your emotions, its the start of a bad habit..That usally ends up with a mixed up LIFE! IM really not trying to be a smart ass at all.I have two sons myself. I was so confused when I was your age and thats not good. This is when your life is established pretty much.This is where you learn a very valuble lesson in life.THIS AINT NO DRESS REHERSAL...

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