Till what time one should continue the use of minoxidil solution?


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I'm using 5% minoxidil from Costco and its working. The label says to apply 1 ML twice/day. Can I?

... slow that down and go in "maintenance mode"? Also, is there any data on how many years this will continue ot work?

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Is minoxidil really works, after how much time I can see its effect for hair growth PLEASE suggesst?

i am facing too much hair fall my head seems to be bald. i am taking Biotin Essvit tablets and Amla for my hairs

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Put minoxidil on scalp rub in then hair looks greasy dirty?

I have always washed my hair twice a week and once I apply it just feels like I need to wash hair again because area I apply solution feels greasy ...

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I am using minoxidil solution and it has increased etching in my scalp..what should I do now?

And also suggest me a shampoo which can be used while using minoxidil.

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