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the tamoxifen my doctor prescribed for me is to increase my sperm count.?

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19 Aug 2009


"Tamoxifen, like clomiphene citrate, is an oral anti-estrogen compound that has been used to treat male infertility. But, unlike clomiphene, tamoxifen has no estrogenic activity. Tamoxifen stimulates sperm output by increasing the release of gonadotropins. In current studies, the most common oral dosage is 20 mg daily. As with clomiphene, some men respond favorably to tamoxifen and show improved semen quality and increased rates of conception; however, there are still questions regarding which patient groups are most likely to be helped by tamoxifen therapy. Recent findings suggest that pregnancy may occur in up to one-third of couples in whom the male partner has received tamoxifen therapy. "

You should check with your doctor why you are being treated with tamoxifen. Although not a typical use of tamoxifen there is information suggesting it could be useful.

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