I have a serious problem I think... I have had this tattoo of tweety bird on my arm for almost 10 years and all the sudden out of nowhere it is protruding, very swollen around the lines of it, its real puffy and I dont know what that means, I have a few other tattoos and I checked them and they are fine, I know for a fact that I dont have any diseases or anything I was checked at my last ob appoinment does nayone know if this is bad or if It is something I shouldnt even worry about, I know its totally off the subject of drugs but I am really concerned, this tattoo has been fine for nearly ten years but now I can just feel how swollen the entire thing is, do you think that I should call my doctor? I was given flajole antibiotic for a bladder infection that I keep getting but it was making me vomit so I decided that I am not going to take it and have them give me a different kind of an antibiotic but if that could be the cause maybe I am allergic to it or something, what the hell do I do I am so scared that something could be wrong with me, does anyone know anything about tattoos? I am scared... please help me give me some insight asap... thank you so much guys