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Tapering Regimen - What is the best way to taper off tylenol with codeine #4?

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7 Mar 2013

How many pills per day are you taking? And how long have you been on this?
This info. Will help to answer your question?

2annyhc2 14 Mar 2013

Hi BellaDay, I have been taking Tylenol #4 for about 15 years and gradually increased to approx. 18 per day. Since January have been gradually cutting back. I'm down to 5 a day now which is great for me, however I seem to be stuck here and I'm afraid that I will start increasing the amount again. Any suggestions?

22 Apr 2013

Hi 2anny,
Sorry I didn't notice your question until now. Perhaps you're farther along the path. You've done well to get yourself down to fewer tablets, but don't kid yourself-the worst can lie ahead kicking a narcotic painkiller. I hope you can talk to an MD, be honest about your past abuse history, what you're taking now and get some support. I understand some docs are prescribing patches with success. I congratulate you for your courage and wish you luck. Please keep us posted.
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