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27 Dec 2009

You can but the methadone will block it along with the percocet. Methadone blocks all opiate pain killers and you end up wasting money on extra pain killers that will do absolutely nothing. The best thing to do if you're experiencing pain is to raise your methadone dose. All you do by taking any other opiate painkillers on top of methadone is running the very high risk of dying in your sleep from respiratory failure. Your doctor should know better then to write prescriptions for weak opiate pain killers against methadone. This how innocent people end up dead. So be very careful and either stay on methadone alone or get off the methadone and use the other pain killers. Be prepared to take handfuls of percocet though as methadone is do powerful that it raises your tolerance through the roof..Be Careful... Dave

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sunnyj2 28 Dec 2009

Dave, thank you so much for your answer... I had no idea... I've been taking percocet for breakthrough pain for a long time... and then they added the nucynta... (thats tapentadol)... I tryed only one of them... but it made me feel like I was going into withdrawls... made me feel bad & didn't help at all... do you think the percocet works for breakthrough pain with the methadone??? I've been on oxys 20mg. for years with percocet for breakthrough pain... but the clinic I go to has stopped giving oxys altogether... so they put me on methadone... and it just doesn't seem to help the pain as much... but I won't be taking the nucynta anymorre thats for sure... thanks again for the info. that helped me out alot... Happy Holidays to you... and thanks again for answering my question... and so fast to... Take Care & God Bless... sunny... p.s. what do you think of methadone for pain... I haven't been on it very long..about a month...


mpvt 28 Dec 2009

Methadone is much much stronger than oxycodone. When I started methadone for addiction and chronic pain I had to go up to 400mgs a day. I stayed there for the first 4 years or so until my body and mind actually knew and felt that I could come down. This is more of a addiction problem and that's why I was on the high dose. I would take percocet only if it was an emergency as my tolerance was to high. I would buy 120 and they would be gone in 3-4 hours. I was taking a average of 3 000mgs of morphine a day and often more then that. So when I started methadone I was deep in addiction behavior. So it took that 4 years for my brain chemistry to get back to normal. I'm now at 110mgs a day and it takes care of the pain for the most part. Like anyone else that has severe chronic pain, I have mostly good days with some very bad days.


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