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Can tamiflu be used to treat respitory infections?

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21 Aug 2012

Tamiflu has been licensed for two uses: reatment of influenza (the virus that causes the flu) & Prevention of influenza.

For Tamiflu to treat the flu, it must be taken within one to two days of the start of flu symptoms. For prevention, it must also be started as soon as possible after exposure.

Tamiflu has not been shown to be effective against other types of viruses, including viruses that cause the stomach flu or common cold. It is actively being studied to learn how effective it is at treating bird flu (avian flu).

MacIntosh12 22 Aug 2012

Great answer Mr. Goel

Rajive Goel 23 Aug 2012

Thanks & a pleasure indeed to be of help in answering/sharing what I know.

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