If taking Valtrex as a suppresion mediacation should you still use protection?

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28 Aug 2012


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28 Aug 2012

You can occasionally shed and transmit the virus without any symptoms... so it is probably advisable to always use a condom - especially if you are not in a serious relationship and have multiple partners.
You should protect your partner by using a condom during an attack or abstain from sex from the beginning of the outbreak until after healing.

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DzooBaby 29 Aug 2012

sorry suzanne, I didnt see your answer when I put mine in. Great answer!

suzanne66 29 Aug 2012

No - problem. Your answers are always fantastic and spot on! You are obviously very knowledgeable!

29 Aug 2012

Yes, you should. You may not always know when you could be able to transmit the virus. In the event that you want to have a baby with your partner you should talk with your Dr and your partners OB-GYN.

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29 Aug 2012

I usually make it a point to read the answers posted by Suzanne & DzooBaby, they seem to mostly 'to the point' bang on rite!

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