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I am taking Prednisone for back problems, I take suppliments, when can I take them? With this medic?

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18 May 2012

Hello deneese. I had answered earlier but do not see it so I am answering again.

In order to answer you, please provide what supplements you are using or wanting to know about and what other medicines you are taking. It also helps to know dose of prednisone and length you have taken it or expect to take it. Your diagnosis is important. Long term use of prednisone causes diabetes, so that aspect should be addressed as well. If this is a five day or two week pulse, your system will not be harmed and eat healthy, reduce salt.

General suppliments for long term use is vitamin D3, calcium 1200mg or more per day, multiple vitamins, folic acid. And then depending on your illness there are other recommendations. Including Fosamax, CoQ10, omega3, and so forth.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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DeNeese 18 May 2012

Thank-you... I am only on a 6 pack of 5mg, for now. I take birth-control 1/20, blood pressure 100mg Cozaar, and Trazodone 150mg for depression. My health according to blood work is fine. The over the counter multi-vitamin, vitamin D3 400 I.U, fish-oil 2000I.U, and Probiotic Acidophilus. The Prednisone will be used for only a short time I hope. I can not take any insaids due to serious allergic reactions to them (hives and breathing problems) bummer so Doc said I needed something other than Percogesic over the counter for this injury to my back, it does not appear to be that serious. No X-ray ordered. I am 53 yrs old, so I worry about things. Family history of heart disease, diabetes. The side effects listed on some medications will scare the be-Jesus out of you, so I take only what I have to.

endlessPred 18 May 2012

Sorry to hear about the back injury. Glad to hear this is a short burst pack. The only effect from the prednisone, except perhaps flushing and feeling over heated, is that you will be more sensitive to infections for the next six months or so. Not much more, but should you need a docs attention for something, be sure they know about the prednisone.

The scarey stuff happens with high doses like I have taken for the past seven years. Long duration prednisone at doses over twenty mg does have effects. People have all kinds of reactions. For me I don't get excited about this because without it I would not be alive.

Be sure you are taking calcium supplements. All women need those at least 1200mg per day during a meal containing something rich in calcium, like milk products or broccoli, etc. For calcium to metabolize you need the food variety with it. I like caltrate chewables because it dissolves like tums but taste better to me. The pills tend to pass through me.


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