Hi there. I went to a pain management doctor yesterday, who I was referred to by my OBGYN. I did NOT like her, that's a whole other post that I don't have time to get in to, but she did give me samples of Lyrica, since I've been told that I have fibromyalgia symptoms and also a prescription for ultram(tramadol). I've been taking vicodin, basically for the past 2 years now, first my family physician would give me refills and then I was getting them from my OBgyn, who then referred me to the pain specialist. When she asked me about the vicodin(I did not even bring up the pills, she's the one who brought it up!) she went off on how she can't prescribe any narcotics for long term pain, at least not until she gets an MRI, but didn't tell me that she was going to order it... :confused: long story, I ended up complaining about her to the office manager. I don't know what good that did but I sure felt better.

Anyway, I'm thinking of getting a second opinion since I did not click with this dr and did not like her attitude and felt like I couldn't talk to her about anything, she wouldn't listen. but in the mean time I'm thinking of taking the lyrica and see how that goes and getting the ultram filled since I need something for at least that breakthrough pain, BUT one other concern I have is that I take Cymbalta, and my other doctors have told me I can't take ultram with cymbalta because of the risk of seizures. When I mentioned this to this new dr. she blew that off saying something about oh, it just depends on the dosage and you won't be taking that much of it. :confused: But still, I'm thinking do I really want to risk it?

I need some advice here. I'm so confused and don't know what to do. I'm at my wit's end actually, this is the 3rd pain specialist I've gone to this past year, just trying to find a way to manage my chronic pain, mainly neck and shoulder pain, but also like I said possibly fibromyalgia too, although NO ONE will diagnose me!! The other two doctors were like this one, I felt they did not take my pain seriously, and didn't offer any treatment options. With the money I've spent I could've been getting a year's worth of massages or chiropractic treatments that would probably actually help me out better then these quacks! I'm so frustrated right now. I don't have insurance so I'm on a limited budget, all this stress is making the pain worse. What do you think I should do??