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Why do I sweat so much with Cymbalta? And will it ever ease up?

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3 Aug 2012

Hello Bobbylin. Hopefully you will stop sweating. Close to 7% of people using it have the same problem as you do. More often than not, the longer on the Cymbalta, the less the problem. If it doesn't ease itself up, your dose could be adjusted, that often helps to rectify it. If not, often then the person taking the drug can opt choose to go on another medication. Regards, pledge

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3 Aug 2012

Depends on how long you've been on this dose, if it's been more than say, 3-4 weeks probably not. If it's the only issue ti's probably worth tolerating, but you need to be the judge of that. Whatever you do, do not adjust the dose without the Doc's Ok. Hope this helps.

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