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How long do you bleed after Mirena is inserted?

I just had Mirena inserted a few days ago and was wondering how long I'm supposed to be bleeding afterwards. It's only been a very light flow (similar to the old, dry blood that comes out ...

Posted 3 Apr 2011 18 answers

How many yasmin pills act as emergency contraceptive?

I had unprotected sex (27 sept night). Took 2 yaz pills next day(29 sept morn). But found out 4 had to be taken. So took 4 the day after(30 sept morn). Should I take 4 more after 12 hrs? Where i ...

Posted 30 Sep 2013 1 answer

Last active pill late, period late?

I've been taking YAZ for a year now. I take my pill every day at 7pm regularly. This past friday I was due my last ACTIVE pill. I had unprotected sex with my SO that same friday night. On ...

Posted 1 day 10 hours ago 1 answer


Birth Control - Can I be pregnant?

I had sex without a condom just a day before my period about a week ago. I am on Yaz- a combination BC pill, and as far as I can remember, I have taken it regularly. The next day I had a full 4- day ...

Posted 4 days ago 1 answer

Hi! I have two questions about YAZ!?

1. Why with the Yaz contraceptive pills there is 4 inactive pills but with other pills (levied ed) there are 7 inactive pills 2. I switched to yaz not long ago and it usually takes about 3 inactive ...

Posted 12 days ago 1 answer

Hello, I have been on yaz for 4 years now, the 28 day one. And I always take it at the same time and

... never miss a day. This month I did not take my 4 white pills I just started my new pack right when I was done with my other one. So I didn't have to have my period. I have never done this ...

Posted 19 days ago 1 answer

My period ended 6th jan and today is monday 12th jan..can I start Yaz..and if yes what about the 4?

... white pills and when i will be protected?

Posted 18 days ago 1 answer

Taking the wrong pill on the wrong day?

I'm currently on the yaz birth control pill and this is my third month on it. I started my pack correctly on the silver section n moved my way to the normal section. During the pack (row 2) I ...

Posted 10 May 2014 1 answer

I am currently on yaz and have been for the last 2years, I had unprotected sex a week ago (although?

... he did not ejaculate we had had sex recently before) during that week I took my pills at irregular times, can I get pregnant?

Posted 11 Dec 2014 1 answer

Im on the pill (Yaz) and my partner used a condom and pulled out before finishing?

I had sex two months ago, i am currently on the pill and was at the time. He used a condom and pulled out before he finished. I am terrified i might be pregnant because i keep getting pains in my ...

Posted 2 Dec 2014 1 answer

I have been on Yaz for 5 months, this month I got my period on the3rd active pill(three pills?

... before the white pill start), I am still bleeding and im on my 3rd day of a new pack. every month my period has been maybe 3 too 4 days max and usually during the white pills why is there such a ...

Posted 16 Oct 2014 1 answer

Drospirenone/Ethinyl Estradiol - I just came off Yaz pills last August 22. That was may last pill?

I just came off Yaz pills last August 22. That was may last pill after taking it for 6 months. Probably thats was my treatment for PCOS. My first day of my last menstrual period is on the 28th of ...

Posted 18 Oct 2014 1 answer

I am 19 and considering getting Mirena. I have been researching and has its positives and negatives?

... I have read that for some people getting it put in is extremely painful, and others say it isn't. I am still on Yaz, does this make a difference? Do you stop having periods? Does it get in ...

Posted 22 Oct 2014 1 answer

My Girlfriend is on YAZ birth control pill for almost 2 months and we had unprotected sex?

Hello. Me and my girlfriend ( we are both 17 ) had unprotected sex for the first time 1 week ago ( maybe 8 days ago ) and 2 days ago we had a protected sex and condom didn't brake ( I checked ...

Posted 22 Aug 2014 1 answer

Bad acne on yaz birth control?

So I've always had really bad acne since I was 9, I'm now 16, and I recently went on yaz birth control to help get rid of it after trying every topical treatment from the dermatologist. I ...

Posted 17 Sep 2014 3 answers

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