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I am having panic attacks & always nervous & angry all the time, would dr give me zanex or klonopin?

wondering if thats good enough problem for the dr too give me clonopin or zanex to help me?

Posted 14 Sep 2011 2 answers

I want to "wean" down from my narcotic pill use. Can anyone give me a list of narcotics in order of?

... STRENGTHS, strongest to weakest, including: fiorinall with codeine, oxycodone 10mg, morphine 30mg instant release, roxy 30mg, percocet 10 mg, zanax 2mg, etc.-Id like to slowly cut down, going ...

Posted 4 Mar 2011 1 answer

Is it safe to combine ritalin and xanax?

Posted 6 Sep 2011 2 answers

Xanax used to treat ambien tolerance, is this counter productive as Xanax is addictive?

Hi, I have been taking Ambien cr (2- 12.5mg pills per night) for 7 years. DR PRESCRIBED. I have developed a tolerance to this and recently withdrawl although I did not reduce. My doctor tapered me ...

Posted 8 May 2011 2 answers

I have been getting xanax from 2 doctors. At first it was because the amount my primary doctor was?

At first, several years ago, I was going to 2 docs because my doctor would not give me enough to cover the panic attacks.. Later, after she put me on an anti-depressant, I did not need it from the ...

Posted 7 Dec 2011 1 answer

Why are dr.s not writeing xanax in kentucky?

why are they stopping this ,especially from people who do not abuse it?instead of takeing people off this cold turkey.i have been on them for over 10 years and it is the only thing i have found to ...

Posted 26 Oct 2011 2 answers

Depression - What do I do for doctors to describe the medications I urgently need like xanax or?

Hey everyone, im 22 years old and have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. I worked in pharmacies for a long time and fully understand the effects of these drugs. Yet my doctors wont ...

Posted 3 Dec 2011 6 answers

Xanax xr vs. klonopin, or really any benzo, which has the most effective and least sleepy profile?

I'm having some severe troubles with somnolence / hypersomnia, and am still waiting for the final diagnosis regarding my sleep study. In the meantime, we've decided to correct the situation ...

Posted 26 Aug 2010 5 answers

I take 2 to 3 xanax bars on a daily basis and have for about 2 months now how long will it take to?

get out of my system today is 8/27 and i have a u/a on 09/08. If i don't take them i have seizures. im trying to get into a Dr before then to get a script but if i don't will i still be OK ...

Posted 27 Aug 2011 2 answers

On Xanax for 13 years - Told to Quit - Luxox and Lamictal aren't working?

Hi, It's my first time posting a question here because I'm literally at my wit's end. I've been on Xanax for 13 years to control severe panic attacks and acute anxiety due to a ...

Posted 5 Dec 2011 3 answers

Boyfriend has become moody, VERY irriatable,to me mainly since starting chantix?

he has had a few bad dreams, mainly the moodiness and irritability, has had a few strong cravings, hasn't seen the dr and he will be starting his 3rd pack in a wk,he takes zoloft,xanax,and as ...

Posted 1 Nov 2011 4 answers

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