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What is difference between Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR, and XL?

Are they prescribed for different medical conditions? Do the pills contain different chemicals? Which of them causes the least side effects?

Posted 7 Aug 2009 4 answers

I am having really bad stomach pains and have been throwing up ,dizzy,not eating as much help me!!?

i take wellbutrin and wellbutrin SR and lexapro i have been feeling this way for about 2 weeks and just have been feeling down in the dumps and would really like to start feelin better but i dont ...

Posted 1 May 2013 2 answers

How long does it take for Wellbutrin SR to take effect? I've been on it for more than a week now?

... and, other than feeling a bit detached from my surroundings, don't notice much difference (other than heartburn and constipation)

Posted 3 Jan 2012 3 answers


When does the anxious feeling go away when I take wellbutrin sr 150mg a day?

i suffer from severe depression and anxiety !! my doctor has tried many many anti-depression meds and nothing seems to work !! he is trying me on wellbutrin sr 150 mg a day!! he said im taking the ...

Posted 28 Aug 2014 4 answers

Wellbutrin SR - How long do side effects, especially insomnia, take to diminish?

I have been taking Wellbutrin SR 150mgs daily in AM for 5 days. How long does it take before side effects, especially insomnia, take to subside?

Posted 19 Nov 2013 3 answers

Bupropion - How long to take effect?

Ive been net diagnosed as having mild depression, and was prescribed Wellbutrin SR 150 once a day (I got the generic version). It is now day 2 and I literally feel nothing. No negatives, no ...

Posted 6 Jun 2015 6 answers

Wellbutrin SR - How long does it take?

I have been on the genetic wellbutrin sr for 4 days at 150mgs. The first day..full of energy, now not so much. Negative thoughts have returned and again becoming distant. What is wrong?

Posted 12 Jun 2015 1 answer

Depression - Is 150mg Wellbutrin enough?

Hi all, I am new here and would like some help on a few things !! I have been taking Wellbutrin SR 150mg for 3 weeks now for my depression and ADD. My doctor said to increase the dosage to 300mg ...

Posted 6 Feb 2015 3 answers

Taking Wellbutrin with Liver Problems?

I started a prescription of Wellbutrin SR at 1ea 100mg tablet daily and started to feel my depression lifting just a few days into the treatment. However my relief was short lived as I started ...

Posted 31 May 2015 1 answer

Moved out of the country where the meds taken is restricted. please help me?

I was living in Miami and had to make a drastic change and live in Colombia. I was doing well with my former meds. For my MDD: WELLBUTRIN SR 300MG ADHD: DEXTROSTAT 10MG 3 X'S a day. ANXIETY AND ...

Posted 28 May 2015 1 answer

I understand that Wellbutrin and Zyban both contain same active ingredient Bupropion?

... Zyban is the one prescribed for smoking cessation but since I'm in Egypt and Zyban isn't sold here all I could get was "Wellbutrin SR" so what should be the dosage for smoking ...

Posted 9 May 2015 2 answers

Is my dosage of Wellbutrin SR too high?

I was on 100 mg of Wellbutrin from November 2013-June 2014 for major depression. I then stopped taking it, at the recommendation of my doctor, because my symptoms were gone. I have recently started ...

Posted 7 Apr 2015 2 answers

Wellbutrin SR - I took Zoloft (150mg) for about one year and asked for a change due to weight gain?

I was given welbutrin for depression two 150 tablets a day. The first few days were good I had lots of energy and less apitite. Then I became so hungry all day. I can feel the differences in meds. I ...

Posted 12 Apr 2015 1 answer

Wellbutrin SR - 100mg once day make anyone else extremely tired about 1hr after taking?

I'm on Prozac 20mg 2xday and Klonopin .5mg 2xday been on for over a year. Recently Wellbutrin SR 100mg 1xday was added (a little over a week), I've noticed I literally crash after about an ...

Posted 2 May 2015 1 answer

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