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Viibryd side effects?

I have been taking Viibryd for six month and I have experienced weight gaine despite Viibryd claims that it does not cause weight gain. I am currently being monitored monthly by my doctor. I go for ...

Posted 27 Jun 2012 36 answers

Viibryd - What are brain zaps?

I'm just wondering the side effect called brain zaps what do I envision with that? I'm starting this medication tonight for the first time so I'm kind of wondering what I'm in for ...

Posted 29 Aug 2012 11 answers

Viibryd - any advice from those who have tried it?

.I have just been prescribed Viibryd for anxiety. I have been on everything under the sun and my doctor is at the end of his rope with me. This is pretty much our last option. I would love some ...

Posted 2 Sep 2011 20 answers

Has anyone experienced weight gain on viibryd?

Finished first week of 10 mg viibryd. I have gained two pounds, and am needing to lose weight. Viibryd is not supposed to cause weight gain, and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. So ...

Posted 17 Sep 2011 44 answers

Viibryd - How much does the 40mg prescription cost per month?

I started the 10mg Viibryd yesterday with a starter sample from my doctor. I am concerned about the cost. It is not even listed on the highest tier on the co-pay list of my insurance, which means I ...

Posted 25 Apr 2012 7 answers

Viibryd- My experience a year on it and now coming off of it?

Hi everyone! Since I too came here looking for advice and wanted to hear an honest opinion of people taking Viibryd before I began taking the medication a year ago, I wanted to share my experience ...

Posted 4 Sep 2012 19 answers

Viibryd - does this cause weight gain?

Hello, I'm gaining weight on this medication and have not changed my diet at all, does anyone else have this problem? Thank You

Posted 24 Oct 2011 21 answers

Has anyone had any weight loss on viibryd?

my dr gave me a month's sample of viibryd and i've only taken it for 2 days and i feel like i'm starving; she told me that this pill has helped lots of her patients lose weight and ...

Posted 7 Oct 2011 6 answers

Viibryd - What are some of the sexual side effects anyone has experienced? And do they go away?

My boyfriend started on viibryd 2 weeks ago. On the 10mg he did not experience any side effects, but this week now on 20mg is having trouble climaxing. Has anyone experienced this, and if so will it ...

Posted 25 Aug 2012 7 answers

Has anyone else experienced RAPID weight gain on Viibryd?

My doctor started me on Viibryd about a month ago after I'd been on Lexapro for years and it had stopped working as well. I did the standard step-up dosage pattern with the starter pack... ...

Posted 1 May 2013 18 answers

Anyone else having really scary nightmares with Viibryd?

It's only happened twice. I'm afraid to jinx this by saying anything, but I feel I have just walked into heaven when I got on Viibryd. To be on an anti-depressant AND get to keep my sex ...

Posted 12 Sep 2011 29 answers

Anyone ever drink while on Viibryd?

I have drank (not much, just one at dinner or such every sooften) on my last antidepressant, Prozac, with no problem. Viibryd has such big warnings about not drinking any alcohol. After being on it ...

Posted 7 Oct 2012 5 answers

Viibryd - I would like to know about weight gain or loss (yes please!!) with this med., 4n has?

... already shared with me and told me about this group. thank you for having me!!!

Posted 20 Jan 2013 9 answers

Just started the 40mg Viibryd. And just stopped Effexor 75 mg?

I do feel better. Have been having frequent bowel movements.I can handle that.It's been only 3 days I started the 40mg.I have noticed hot flashes & dizziness. Today I have been feeling sick ...

Posted 2 days 1 hour ago 2 answers

Viibryd - Is it possible to have very stiff neck pain and short of breath after only taking?

Viibryd 10 mg for 2 days? This is the only thing I can think of.

Posted 5 days ago 1 answer

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