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Viibryd and Straterra??

Hey friends, I hope you are all doing well. I appreciate your emails, support and your friendship. I'm wondering if anyone takes Straterra or the equivalent in combination with Viibryd?? ...

Posted 23 Dec 2012 2 answers


Ok. I take 60mg strattera and 10 Mg lexapro together everyday. yesterday I had a severe reaction???

I take 10mg lexapro amd 60mg strattera, two antidepressants. I forgot to take them both yesterday and when I took them today I got horrible nausea, chills, tremors and my feet and fingers felt like ...

Posted 27 May 2012 3 answers

I am taking strattera I feel like its making me more uncontrollable?

i feel like i cant make my self even stay in a seat for over 5 minutes i feel alittle wores than i did before strattera

Posted 17 Dec 2012 2 answers

Is strattera a stimulant or amphetamine?

Posted 12 Apr 2011 1 answer

Week 3 of Latuda?

Okay, here's my question. Currently I'm on Lamictal for BP, Strattera for ADHD (just started), Clonazepam to shut my thoughts up a night, and Latuda at night. I've read so many things ...

Posted 6 Dec 2012 3 answers

Has anyone found that Intuniv wares off after 18 months?

My 10 yr old has been on Intuniv for 18 months. He was diagnosed with seveer ADHD, OCD since 3 yrears old. He has been on every medication out there. Ritalin, Concerta and Strattera gave him severe ...

Posted 20 Nov 2012 1 answer

Strattera - why am I so tired and it causes the top of my head to tingle - why?

I have been taking straterra since friday. I sleep good just nightmares. Even though i got 10 hours of rest im so sleepy i cant stand it. also my head tingiles at the top why. someone plez help

Posted 9 Sep 2012 2 answers

Does Strattera causes fevers once taken?

Posted 30 Dec 2012 1 answer

Strattera - is it extended release?

i am asking is it extended release because i want to get the lap band done.

Posted 23 Mar 2012 1 answer

Does strattera work with ADHD ?

Currently I am on adderall. It has changed me for the worse. It is way too easy to abuse. The energy is nice but the lack of interest in a lot of things including being around my significant other ! ...

Posted 21 Jun 2011 5 answers

Is Strattera a stimulant?

Is Strattera considered to be a stimulant?

Posted 7 Apr 2010 1 answer

My 7 year old has ADHD. He takes Straterra, Intuniv, and Resperidol. Can he take aspirin?

He had a headache, so his grandpa gave him an 81mg aspirin. I know its dangerous to take NSAID with MAOI. He was extremely sleepy. Was taking aspirin the cause?

Posted 23 Apr 2012 2 answers

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