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Teen Boys With Enlarged Breasts Show Emotional Effects

Posted 5 Apr 2013 by

FRIDAY, April 5 – Teen boys with a condition that causes them to have enlarged breasts suffer reduced self-esteem and other mental and emotional health problems, according to a new study. Researchers conducted a series of psychological tests on 47 boys, with an average age of 16, who were undergoing evaluation for the condition, called gynecomastia. The same tests were given to a control group of boys without the disorder. Among the boys with gynecomastia, 62 percent had mild to moderate breast enlargement and 64 percent were overweight or obese, compared with 41 percent of those in the control group. Compared to those in the control group, the boys with gynecomastia had lower scores for general health, social functioning, mental health and self-esteem. This was true even for boys with mild gynecomastia, according to the study, which was published in the April issue of the journal ... Read more

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Breast Growth in Boys Might Be Linked to Plastics Chemical

Posted 15 Dec 2009 by

TUESDAY, Dec. 15 – Common chemicals found in plastic toys and elsewhere could contribute to the abnormal growth of breasts in boys, preliminary research suggests. The research, published in a prominent medical journal for pediatricians, adds fuel to the debate over these chemicals, called phthalates, whose safety has been questioned by some scientists. The chemical industry claims the ubiquitous manmade chemicals, which are used to soften plastics and stabilize fragrances, are safe. The small study only involved a few dozen boys, but if more research confirms that the chemicals boost estrogen levels, as some scientists suspect, then "we need to start thinking about how we can approach chemical policy and chemical regulation so we don't have phthalates causing this effect," said Dr. Sheela Sathyanarayana, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington, who is ... Read more

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