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Plan B One-Step - Is it normal to experience pregnancy like symtops after taking plan B?

Me and my gf had unprotected sex (she is allergic to stuff in condoms) then she didn't know when she was going to have her period... We rushed to walgreens to get plan B and took it 20-30 mins ...

Posted 16 Jul 2014 1 answer

Plan B One-Step - Will plan bstep one Not Work After 3-4 days of incident. we are both rlly scarred?

The erdoctor told My gf today she Is preg. But we dont Know IF its too late?

Posted 18 Jul 2014 2 answers

Plan B One-Step - So me & my boyfriend had unprotected sex Sunday. I was on top so it was hard for?

Me & my bf had unprotected sex on a Sunday. He grabbed his penis so he wouldn't c*m in me, but wasn't that sure none got inside me. I was supposed to ovulate that day according to my ...

Posted 10 Jul 2014 1 answer

Plan B One-Step - is plan b working .?

Okay so on july 3rd I had unprotected sex the same day I finished my period and 3 hours later I took plan b I've had a few symptoms and this monday I started bleeding over the next few days I ...

Posted 10 Jul 2014 1 answer

Plan B One-Step - I took the Plan B One Step & my period is a week late, am I pregnant?

I think I'm just freaking myself out but I'm only 16, so I CAN'T have a baby. According to my period tracker, I ovulated around the first of this month or the end of May. I was ...

Posted 21 Jun 2014 1 answer


Plan B One-Step - I need help can any one comment so I can tell u what I need help for?

Plan b does it work comment olz for more details! I need to know I'm scared

Posted 9 Jul 2014 1 answer

Plan B One-Step - Does it delay your period?

It's been a month since my last period. I took the pill a couple days after my last period because I had sex and the condom broke. My boyfriend said nothing came out but I'm young and ...

Posted 11 Jun 2014 0 answers

Plan B One-Step - I took the plan b 72 hours after unprotected sex?

I took the plan b 72 hours after unprotected sex. When my period didn't come 2 weeks later, I took a pregnancy test, which was positive! I was ovulating during unprotected sex. I wonder if I was ...

Posted 15 Jul 2013 1 answer

Plan B One-Step - Cramping on plan b one step?

I had sex on the 27 of September at around 10:44. I took the plan b one step pill at 9:00 am the next morning. I've just been tired and had slight cramping. I've had cramping like this ...

Posted 3 Oct 2013 3 answers

Heavy bleeding three weeks before expected period, now late for period?

So far what I have read has eased my mind a little, but I'm still a little concerned. The day after my period ended, I had unprotected sex. To be honest, my boyfriend and I were slightly ...

Posted 8 Jun 2014 1 answer

Plan B One-Step - If I take it about 33 hours after, can it still work?

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex, kind of. It happened one day ago exactly. 12:00 AM. Now a day later, it's 12:00 AM & I'm planning on getting the pill first thing in the ...

Posted 18 Jun 2014 1 answer

Plan B One-Step - Is it okay to take the pill one day and 2 months later retake it?

Had a scare twice, and too young to become pregnant. The first time I took plan b was two months ago. Now I'm currently here taking it again. Is this fine or what will happen...

Posted 4 Jun 2014 2 answers

Plan B One-Step - eating greasy foods after plan b ?

After unprotected sex , I took plan b within about 50 mins to an hour ? I went home and ate chicken ... then I read u aren't supposed to eat greasy foods after taking the pill. Is it true ?

Posted 19 May 2014 2 answers

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