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What is this pill - SP 39?

it has sp 39 on it. kinda of a capsule shape but an off white color

Posted 11 Dec 2009 1 answer

What do neurontin pills look like?

Presently taking two 600mg pills twice daily, feels like this dosage is not working as well as first times taking this medication. Any comments about increasing dosages?

Posted 23 Dec 2009 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'tcl/272' imprint?

have round tablet, white, TCL/272

Posted 21 Nov 2009 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'p 025' imprint?

p is inside a inverted v like a triangle,white and round pill

Posted 24 Sep 2009 1 answer

What do Ultram 100mg pills look like?

A friend of mine gave me one and told me they were 100mg , but they are not the Ultram Er.

Posted 4 Jun 2009 1 answer

Question about a medication?

My brother used a pain medication some years back and can not remember what the name was. He said it was a pill shaped like a "Stop Sign" and you put it under your tongue to let it disolve. ...

Posted 2 Jan 2010 1 answer

What do carisoprodol pills look like?

blank on one side/ has a V 5209 on other side/ white/round, suppose to be 500mg. is this a carisoprodol

Posted 19 Dec 2009 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'ox 15' imprint?

ok on one side of the pill there is the letters apo and on the otherside it says ox then a line splitting the pill and 15 on the bottom

Posted 13 Jan 2010 1 answer

What is this pill - with '40' imprint?

gold round pill with black print "40" on one side. The 40 is printed on the pill not imprinted. It also could be a light yellow. Any ideas what this could be? Picture could be sent if ...

Posted 3 Jan 2010 1 answer

What do velpram 10 pills look like?

Peach color round no imprints what exactly are they

Posted 24 Oct 2009 1 answer

Solid beige capsule with FL on one side and 10 on the other?

I found this medication in a baggy in the medicine cabinet. They are hard capsules with FL on one side and IO on the other. All the capsules are broke in half and the inside is pure white but the ...

Posted 22 Dec 2009 1 answer

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