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What is this pill - with G 137 imprint?

13 and 7 on one side and G on the other, light yellow, its oblong or capsule looking but it is solid and for severe pain PLEASE HELP found in daughters room!

Posted 30 Nov 2009 1 answer

What is this pill - with '150 G 51' imprint?

big and round, hot pink, one side 150, other side G on top, and 51 under the G

Posted 27 Jan 2010 1 answer

I found a beige or peach pill no letters just 4 needle like dots in the middle of it nothing is?

... written on it at all its long like a headache medicine

Posted 11 Feb 2010 1 answer

What is this pill - with '' imprint?

44 526 Round Pink About the size of a smartie (candy)

Posted 31 Mar 2010 1 answer

Imprint on pill is I-MR, oval shaped?

Posted 23 Mar 2010 1 answer

Pill Id?

I found a pill it's orange and it's square it says bd on 1 side then 10 on the other what is it? It could be pink or peach i can't tell ! Help please .

Posted 21 Mar 2010 1 answer

What is this pill?

Solid bright yelllow capsuls... No imprints, marking, or any other identifying marks. I have a feeling they are some form of lortab but need to know excatly what it is so I can figure out where they ...

Posted 6 Apr 2010 1 answer

What do Risperdal pills look like?

oval pink with 5686 on one side and a V on the other what mg is this . cant find it

Posted 4 Jan 2010 1 answer

I found some pills in my partners drawer with two c shaped imprints on the back almost forming an s?

shape on the other side is a line in the middle of the pill where you can half it can you please tell me what these pills are for?

Posted 1 Apr 2010 1 answer

A pill dropped out of my boyfriends pocket?

He acted like it wasnt his. but i know it was, It was peach or pink or beige,was diamond shaped and I think it had a 100 on one side or it could have said L00 it was poor lighting Please tell me what ...

Posted 27 Feb 2010 1 answer

What pill is this?

fairly large round white pill (1.25 cm diameter), scored on one side, and with TEC imprinted on the other.

Posted 12 Mar 2010 1 answer

What is this pill - with '402 LOGO' imprint?

capsule shaped pill with a line bisecting it... 402 on one side and a dp logo on the other half of the bisecting line... found in old pill bottle in bathroom..

Posted 12 Apr 2010 1 answer

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