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Pill Id Questions

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What is this pill - with '' imprint?

Round white, plain/no imprint on one side. Other side has a G with a score line with a 1 under it. It's a large pill

Posted 8 Jan 2011 0 answers

What do vicodin pills look like?

has anyone ever heard of vicodin 20 mg that come in a pink capsule

Posted 6 Nov 2010 2 answers

What is this pill - with 'M 145' imprint?

This pill is round and white. The M and 145 are on the same side and the M is on top of the 145. The other side is blank. The pill is as small as a round flexeril.

Posted 12 Feb 2010 1 answer

What pill is white with green specks in it. it is oblong with the letter V on the front. no #s?

I think it is a generic lortab but Im not sure what the MGs are and I cant find it anywhere in the pill finders.

Posted 9 Aug 2010 2 answers

What is this pill - with 301 and more imprint? It is white, small, and oval shaped, with flat edges?

... It is scored side to side. Above the score line says 301. Below score line has some sort of symbol that looks like an "S" with a line slashing through the center, diagonally touching ...

Posted 2 Nov 2010 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'tec 15' imprint?

white round flat pill "tec 15" imprinted one side.

Posted 9 Oct 2010 1 answer

What is this pill - with '' imprint?

well i was recently hospitalized from an overdose on adderall. and as i got home i was trying find information on the drug but i never found a picture that matched, the only details i have is it was ...

Posted 6 Jan 2011 0 answers

What is this pill - very light blue, oblong pill with a capital A imprinted on one side,?

this pill has an indent where it can be easily broken in half

Posted 19 Jun 2009 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'P 40' imprint?

this is a small round purple pill it says P on the top and 40 on the bottom, nothing on the back almost a darkish purple color

Posted 17 Dec 2010 0 answers

What is this pill - with 'cor166' imprint?

its imprinted cor166 on one side and blank the other it is oval shaped

Posted 7 Jan 2011 0 answers

Capsule with apo on it?

split line 009 on one side gab on other

Posted 28 Dec 2010 1 answer

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