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I can't find a match for this anywhere!! m-031?

So i have this small blue round pill. About the size of a pea but smaller. One side has the "M" on it and the other is 031. I have literally searched everywhere on the net and can't ...

Posted 29 Jul 2010 2 answers

What is this pill - with 'bpo' imprint?

oval to capsual shape but not capsual line through the middle on back.

Posted 13 Dec 2010 0 answers

What do ligaplex II pills look like?

plain capsule white and tan in color

Posted 21 Nov 2010 1 answer

What is this pill - with '' imprint?

white or white and blue, spaghetti shaped

Posted 26 Jan 2011 3 answers

What is this pill - with 'F/L one side 10 on the other' imprint?

small white pill F "scoreline" L on one side and on the other side a 10

Posted 2 Feb 2011 2 answers

Red coated Capsule-shape SV-TP?

SV-TP (all upper-case) printed on red-coated capsule-shaped pill. Approx. 2cm long. Unscored. Source is foreign - Laos - possibly from a neighboring country such as Thailand / China / Vietnam.

Posted 27 Jan 2011 0 answers

Generic for xanax?

I got these round peach colored pills that have no markings on them. They are scored on one side (they have a line down the middle). Does anyone know what they could be?

Posted 16 Sep 2010 2 answers

What r 5/325 percocets?

Posted 4 Jan 2011 1 answer

What kind of pill is this? It is has on on side M on top with a line and L54 on the bottom..nothing?

What is this pill Id? It has an M on top with a line underneath and L54 on the bottom of same side. The other side is blank. It looks to be very light blue and round.

Posted 7 Sep 2010 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'ph 063?

its white and it is oblong... the one side has PH then it has a cut then 063 or 083 its a little woren down i can really tell

Posted 12 Nov 2009 1 answer

What is this pill - with '203' imprint?

It is a pale green, round pill, about 1/4" in diameter with 203 on one side and a jaggedly written 9 on the other.

Posted 14 Jan 2011 0 answers

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