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Is oxycodone hydrocloride a percocet?

Posted 11 Jan 2012 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'L 2' imprint?

Posted 11 Apr 2012 1 answer

What is this pill - with no imprint?

Its round and yellow and I got it in jamacica. I was told it was a Xanax . But it has no markings.

Posted 28 Feb 2012 1 answer

What do gabapentin sustained release pills look like?

Who manufactures them? And how to distinguish from gabapentin tablets or capsules?

Posted 9 Mar 2012 1 answer

What is this pill - with oblong, lite pinkish, line down the center on one side?

no numbers or anything else on the pill. found in my bottle of melatonin?

Posted 15 Mar 2012 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'B G' imprint?

small white round B|G

Posted 16 Apr 2012 0 answers

Who makes white pill m538 (manufacturer)?

Posted 24 Feb 2012 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'std 063' imprint?

Found pills, smaller in size, pink, round, with std dash 063 on one side and nothing on the other. They were in a bag.

Posted 7 Apr 2012 0 answers

What is this pill - with '8' imprint?

the pill is round, flat about 12mm in diameter and 3mm thick. scored in center on one side with an "8" on one side of scoring and an "S" on the other. I bought pills while on ...

Posted 5 Apr 2012 0 answers

Norco - pill has a v or check on one side,then the other side has 36 with half mark then 01. the?

... pill shape is oval, color yellow.need info on it

Posted 11 Jan 2012 1 answer

What is letter m num 0532?

it is a little a smal little round pill

Posted 28 Dec 2011 1 answer

What do morphine pills look like?

Found a maroon pill my uncle said he dropped his morphine 30 mg but this is unlike any morphine i have ever seen its imprinted with 975 and round like i said its maroon and nothing else on other ...

Posted 26 Feb 2012 0 answers

What is this pill?

I found pills and I'm not sure what they are. They are round shaped pills with a pink color. Imprinted on one side is either R 750 or R 150. I have tried looking these up with no results. Can ...

Posted 8 Mar 2012 1 answer

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