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Pill Id Questions

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What are pills marked with an M?

Oval shaped white pill marked with a single 'M' (or 'W') on one side.

Posted 19 May 2012 1 answer

What do mylan om 20 pill do?

They are a two tone salamon colored capsule, MYLAN OM 20 is printed on it. found them in my son's room.

Posted 7 Sep 2010 1 answer

Red Round pill imprinted L7?

Hi, Does anyone know what a Red Round Pill that on only one side has L7 on it? I have searched everywhere and looked at every red pill I can find on thes internet and can't find anything. It is ...

Posted 31 Aug 2009 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'apo 2' imprint?

oval with line on one side separating the letters "APO" and the number "2", no score or writing on the back. found in canada in my son's bedroom.

Posted 5 Mar 2012 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'Mylan 3048' imprint?

It's actually a capsule with powder in it. There's no imprint... Just like ink or something.

Posted 3 Aug 2012 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'M 30' imprint?

I have a small round pill that has the M on one side and 30 on the otherside. I can't seem to find out what drug it is??? Can someone help me??? What is this drug used for???

Posted 20 Jul 2012 1 answer

Can't identify pill I found?

It is 1/4" square, 1/8" thick. White with a capitol A printed on one side. Blank on the other. I can't find it anywhere.

Posted 25 Jul 2012 1 answer

What is this pill - with '1 1' imprint?

it is a bar form with a number 1 then another 1 as imprint. it is my childs. i didnt see a pic of it but im leaning toward xanax.

Posted 18 Jul 2012 1 answer

What is this pill - with '' imprint? The only marking is in black letters "L"?

It is small round and peachy colored.

Posted 22 Apr 2012 1 answer

What is this pill - brown oblong?

Posted 29 Jun 2012 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'B' imprint?

I got these pills at work, They have something like a flying capital B, on the other side they have a line through the middle, the name starts with Messe, and the line below says metmi but the other ...

Posted 3 Aug 2012 0 answers

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