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Ambein numbers on it is 6469 what strength is that show photo?

its a ambein long white pill with 6469 on one side and a v on the other side what mg. is that. a 5mg or 10mg.also ambein orange in color with numberson one side that is 10mg and a x on the other ...

Posted 30 Apr 2010 2 answers

V on one side scored on other side small coated oval peach looks like 2 on scored side other # worn?

Peach oval scored on one side w #2 other #s worn other side has a v. Appears to be coated so possibly time released

Posted 27 Jul 2013 0 answers

What is this pill - with '' imprint?

It is a green oval with MSV on it and is like a gel capsules.

Posted 8 Aug 2013 1 answer

What is this pill - with '' imprint?

No print on pill it is white and round im in California I saw it in my moms room

Posted 13 Aug 2013 1 answer

What's a small creamy / yellow pill with a capital P on one half of one side with a line across it?

Half the label is partly torn so that half the name is missing. The end says "... HENAMINE 4MG TABS ". There are about 6 letters missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Posted 1 Jun 2013 1 answer

What is this small yellow round pill with imprint C3 on one side, no marking on the other side?

It is not scored. I have searched the web far and wide with no answer. Thanks for your time.

Posted 22 Nov 2011 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'L' imprint that's round and peach/pink in colt?

In 'color'. It only has an 'L' imprint on one side. Nothing on the other.

Posted 25 Jul 2013 0 answers

What is this pill - with 'TEC 2' imprint?

Imprint on pill is TEC, then number 2 below. It is fairly large, white and round.

Posted 28 Jun 2013 1 answer

If the pill has an imprint code but is so small I cannot read it how.can I find what it?

... is? It looks like one side is IG the other 205?

Posted 2 Aug 2013 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'co cd8' imprint?

hi, does anyone know what these pills are they are pink capsules with the imprint co cd8 on them, i found them in my little brothers car and am worried he's abusing them. Shirley, Ireland

Posted 10 Aug 2013 0 answers

What is this pill - with '' imprint?

white round, no imprint but one side has a + only. Slightly larger than oxycodone

Posted 9 Aug 2013 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'CP-30' imprint?

the pills I have are Ciprofloxacin 500 mg. They are peach color and oval, blister packed wrapped with proper looking id on the back of the wrapper indicating batch number and expiration dates, etc, ...

Posted 6 Aug 2013 0 answers

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