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possible mistake on big X 209 across

I may have made a mistake on the small white round pill. The letter on it could be an X, an H or an M with 209 imprinted across it. It's hard to tell what letter with the 209 written right ...

Posted 24 Aug 2005 1 answer

small pink pill imprint roche rib 200

Small pink oval pill Imprint: Roche on one side and the other RIB 200 Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks

Posted 20 Jun 2005 1 answer

Found long blue pill with K19

Can someone identify one side has K19 on it the other side is blank aileen miller

Posted 21 Jul 2005 2 answers

White oblong tablet Triangle shape then 567?

It is scored on the other side. Does anyone know what this pill is? Thanks for any help!

Posted 8 Jan 2005 1 answer

Watson 3254

Capsule Top half WATSON bottom half 3254. Found in family members pocession in totally different bottle, haven't located anywhere else on web. Appreciate any help possible. Hoppesm

Posted 3 Aug 2005 1 answer

round, white with 44 over 160

My mom found this pill in her house. Please help identify. Round, white tablet with 44 over 160 on one side, blank on the other. Thanks!

Posted 26 Jul 2005 2 answers

blank blue and white pill

Well, I had a large amount of people here Friday nite, and noticed a pill on my bathroom floor that definitely isnt mine. It is oval in shape, white on one side and blue on the other (one whole ...

Posted 17 Jul 2005 1 answer

small white oblong pill P 243

Does anyone know what kind of pill this is... it is a small white oblong pill with P 243 on one side? Summer41

Posted 23 Jul 2005 2 answers

Janssen Pill? Lite Green Color

Yea, the pill has a lite sea green color and has janssen on one side and R______4 on the otherside. __=space no actual underscore. Someone please help.

Posted 27 Jul 2005 1 answer

Pill Id TEC 145

What pill is round and white and marked with TEC 145 on one side only. Greatly appreciated

Posted 7 Jun 2005 1 answer

small orange tablet cursive R

Hi, Could someone please help me with a pill id please. It is a small orange pill with a cursive R on one side. Not sure of the markings on the back. Thanks

Posted 8 May 2005 1 answer

Blue Round G14 imprint

Can anyone identify

Posted 5 Jun 2005 1 answer

help 93/39

I found an orange capsule with 93/39 this person is now in the emergency room i know this person uses drugs. I don't know what this is. rsvp asap[V][V] Please help I found an orange capsule ...

Posted 19 Jul 2005 3 answers

round white pill w/ "VP" and a backwards G on it

round white pill w/ "VP" and a backwards G on it(its a symbol) and blank on the other side

Posted 5 Apr 2005 3 answers

I need asap: blue oblong, 63/50

I need to identify this pill asap,, it is medium blue with 63/50 on one side and the other side is imprinted UAD, please help me with this asap. THX Bimini T.M.S.

Posted 3 Aug 2005 1 answer

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