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pink pill

small pink capsule with westward 235 on it ... any ideas?

Posted 30 Jul 2005 2 answers

what is this OC / 20

I just bought a new truck and the salesman that brought it to me was 2 hours late getting it here when the delership is only 2 miles away and also 70 unansward miles on it.The problem is i found a ...

Posted 6 May 2005 3 answers


Please help me id this pill. I am looking for percocet. I am also looking for a way to find oxy, morphine, methodone, or anything to help me get through this heroin withdrawal. If I can't ...

Posted 13 Apr 2005 1 answer


[}:)]need info on oval blue pill w/G17 on it. VERY IMPORTANT!!

Posted 12 Aug 2005 1 answer

pill id 93 over 782 ROUND WHITE PILL

Any help is appreciated

Posted 4 May 2005 1 answer

white round pill with arrow in it

could some one please tell me what this pill might be?

Posted 14 May 2005 1 answer

yellow round pill L114

Does anyone know what a round yellow pill with L114 on it is?

Posted 19 May 2005 1 answer

Please id this pill A 214

Please identify this pill i found. It is small,round, light green and has the letter A and the number 214 on one side. Thank You.

Posted 4 Jul 2005 2 answers

Green and White Capsule. Has 30mg and 505 on it

I need to figure out what this pill is. It is a green and white capsule and has a weird cursive lower case "e" on it along with 30mg and the number 505. Please help!!

Posted 13 Aug 2005 2 answers

Help with 3 pills found together in same bottle

Yellow oval pill with cursive V /36-01. Small round pill with Cor 127 on one side, nothing on the other Small blue capsule with white stripe on one end and 6MG on other end. Thank You Leigh Best

Posted 30 Jul 2005 1 answer

round yellow pill, P73

Will you please identify? thank you~

Posted 27 May 2005 1 answer

pill id 5736 and 503

I have two pills and i want to double check what they are. the first is a round white table one side is scored in quarters and the other is 5736. The second pill is a round table, one side states ...

Posted 30 Apr 2005 1 answer

Round, white pill w/ 2410 and a "V"

It's about as round as my thumb nail but not thick. One side is blank and the other has 2410 then a V under the numbers. Kinda chalky when you touch it. Does anyone know what it is??

Posted 21 Sep 2004 1 answer

ETH on one side 15 on the other

the pill is round and brown. i think it is a pain killer or muscle relaxer but i want to know for sure. thank you

Posted 23 Aug 2005 1 answer

pill indentifacation bar 20 mg 877

capsule blue side marked bar 20 mg white side marked 877

Posted 29 Apr 2005 1 answer

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