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a white pill stamped p2?

can any one help me know what this pill is called and what it is for? MR.NATHYN THOMPSON

Posted 13 Oct 2005 2 answers

white round M on 1 side 15 on other

also there is another one that is brownish-red , round, with M on 1 side and 60 on the other

Posted 13 Sep 2005 3 answers

White pill, oval says C102...

Ok, I found this pill, and I've tried everything to find out what it is. Wondering if anyone knows what a white oval pill, with C102 on one side, and 600 on the other is? If so, please ...

Posted 16 Apr 2005 1 answer

Blue oval Pill

Trying to id a Blue oval pill with M361 on one side and scored on the other.

Posted 29 Oct 2005 1 answer

Link to identify pills

Hi, I used to have a link I could click on and it would help identify pills. Does anyone have that link?? It ask for the color, size and any markings on the pill. Thanks for any help.

Posted 27 Sep 2005 2 answers

Hello! I just had a frind of mine phone me to ask.

Hi; My name is Kathy, and I just had a friend of mine who (by the way) just got released from the hospital Sunday, from what "they" thought was a stroke. Now, he's at home,trying to ...

Posted 29 Oct 2005 1 answer

does anyone know what this could be?

I have a peach pill that has a 16 on one side and 93 on the other, i was told it was a generic vicodin but im not sure. Can anyone help? Lori Cruser

Posted 31 Oct 2005 1 answer

Don't know what this pill is !!

:( :( Can you tell me what this pill is ?? :(

Posted 5 Nov 2005 1 answer

Pill ID

Can someone please help me ID a pill? Circular, blue with TCL 083 imprinted. Thanks!

Posted 15 Oct 2005 1 answer

Small round white pill 54 210

Either Methadone or Oxycontin (my husband has had both for knee replacement) but we found 3 not in the bottle and I dont have anymore to compare them too... It is a very small round white pill with ...

Posted 29 Jan 2005 1 answer

Found pills in daughters room MYLAN 345

I found some pills in my daughters rooms. They are really small, orange circular pills. They say MYLAN 345 on one side, the other is blank. Some one please help me find out what this is... URGENT

Posted 9 Jul 2005 5 answers

a few questions...

1. small white round pill M18 on one side, 2 scores on the other side so you can break the pill into quarters. 2. I think these are wygesics, but let me know... pink oblong pill says watson on one ...

Posted 14 Jun 2005 1 answer

round white pill 4 on one side, and 93 350 other

I have a round white pill that says 4 on one side, and 93 350 on the other. Does anyone know what this is? Thanks for any help

Posted 9 Feb 2005 2 answers

GG 101

What is this pill? barbara williams

Posted 6 May 2005 1 answer

I Found these pills in my son's room

I found a tic-tac bottle with the label taken off, it contained about 15 small, white, oblong pills about 1 mm in length and an imprint on one side containing the letter A followed by the numbers ...

Posted 24 Jul 2005 4 answers

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