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2 pills, oval orange marked 20 b 973/pink capsule

theres an oval one thats orange marked 20 on one side and b 973 on the other and a pink capsule marked 54 463 any ideas as to what they are?

Posted 14 Mar 2005 4 answers

Oxycontin question - orange pill ?

is there a perscription form of oxycontin, or a medicine oxycontin is contained in that is in an orange pill and is "double coated"? i was told this pill was an oxycontin,thankyou.. and ...

Posted 18 Mar 2005 4 answers

HELP!unknown pills, L 114 & L 144

one of my roommates and i recently discovered a LARGE amount of these pills hidden all over our apartment. we have another roommate that has had previous drug problems and we know these pills are ...

Posted 24 Oct 2005 2 answers

please help identify'blue round 15-e652 on back

hi, i know this is the wrong forum, but if anyone knows what this pill is please help. its a small fat blue pill, says 15 on front. on back it says e652. thanks

Posted 4 Oct 2005 1 answer

Please Help w/pill ID red/white capsule L976

Need to ID pill, red/white capsule with an L 976 printed on the side

Posted 8 Aug 2005 3 answers

Round, white pill w/ 2410 and a "V"

It's about as round as my thumb nail but not thick. One side is blank and the other has 2410 then a V under the numbers. Kinda chalky when you touch it. Does anyone know what it is??

Posted 21 Sep 2004 1 answer

little blue pill- what is it

hey i found this little blue pill and on one side it has a line through the midle of it and on the other it had 54 in a pyramid 892 please tell me what this pill is

Posted 7 Nov 2005 1 answer


It is a oblong gel cap looking red and white pill with 5 500 labeled on it HELP ME OUT PLEEZ

Posted 23 Oct 2005 1 answer

hot pink pill 306?

I'm new to this forum..but I need to know I'm no taking the wrong pills..supposed to be tramadol... please help..thanks!

Posted 7 Sep 2005 1 answer

can you tell me what this pill is? M / B3 5 5 5

Oblong shaped; scored one side 2x's/3 sections with the #5: other side: M score/ B3

Posted 5 Nov 2005 2 answers

ID-White Oval Pill w/Watson 336

need ID for white oval pill with watson 336 on one side

Posted 14 Jun 2005 1 answer


I haven't had any luck with the pill indentifier pages.I'm curious about a drug my teen age daughters friend is taking, she don't know what it is other than for hyperactivity. It is a ...

Posted 24 Jul 2005 1 answer


round and white says IP 135 on it

Posted 15 Nov 2005 2 answers

Small round white pill 54 210

Either Methadone or Oxycontin (my husband has had both for knee replacement) but we found 3 not in the bottle and I dont have anymore to compare them too... It is a very small round white pill with ...

Posted 29 Jan 2005 1 answer

kinda small round white pill - e 10

hello, need help to ID this pill. i apologize if this has been brought up before.. smaller round white pill with an italized e and 10 on one side and a single line on the other. thanks in advance c

Posted 7 Apr 2005 2 answers

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