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Pill identification

Medium sized round white tablet with HD over 567 on it

Posted 10 Aug 2005 2 answers

white round w/t P on top 8 on bottom

havent a clue maybe diet pill

Posted 18 Sep 2005 1 answer

pill id

trying to identify a withe pill with R on one side and 127 on reverse.

Posted 11 Sep 2005 1 answer

blue pill, WATSON on one side, 780 on other

Can you help me identify this pill. Leigh Best

Posted 8 Aug 2005 1 answer

white/oval "msm" & Peach/round/small/ "Z/2083"

I found a white oval pill with the inprint MSM I also found a small peach color pill with the inprint Z over 2083* *the 3 could be an eight I could not tell TY Crazymom

Posted 18 Jul 2005 1 answer

Need pill ID, small, round, yellow, L535 on 1 side

I found two identical pills, they are small, round, yellow, and say L535 on one side.

Posted 16 Jun 2005 1 answer


Found a pinkish capsule, it has 54 463 on it in b

Any idea?

Posted 7 Sep 2005 1 answer

What kind of pill is this?

medium round orange pill with G G 706 printed on one side other side blank

Posted 28 Aug 2005 1 answer

need pills identified fl 10 and k10

one is round large has K10 on one side and nothing on other side and second one little white round one has f line through pill and L and has 10 on opposite side any help will be appreciated thanks

Posted 22 May 2005 1 answer

Need help with this pill! green traingle X and 3

IT is green traingle with 3 on one side & an funny looking x on thr other the center of the pill is center of the pill ids raised up where the number v3 uis klocated & also the x on the other ...

Posted 19 Sep 2005 1 answer

Round Pill blank on one side and 512 on the other.

What is it? The pill is white in color.

Posted 7 Jun 2005 4 answers

what is this pill? lemmon714

i found a round white pill about the size of a penny and it says lemmon714 on it can u tell mw what it is used for ..the effects on you and how srtong it is

Posted 9 May 2005 1 answer



Posted 16 Feb 2005 4 answers

round orange pill with e705 on one side and 40 on

round orange pill with e705 on one side and 40 on the other... trying to find out what this is...

Posted 27 Jun 2005 2 answers

2 pills needed id'ed

white pill with dan dan on one side and 5442 and then pinkish one with dan dan on one side and 5443

Posted 9 Aug 2005 1 answer

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