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round purple pill PF oneside 100 oneside

I found this pill in my son's pants. It is small and round purple/blue tablet with PF on one side and 100 on the other. Please help me identify what this. thanks so much

Posted 15 Sep 2005 3 answers

What is this? Pain pill?

Hi everyone. I had surgery a while back and ended up putting all my pills into one container after. Dumb. Now I cannot figure out what is what. I have a pill, it is a small round white pill. On one ...

Posted 11 Sep 2005 1 answer

2 lt. orange pills, may be a diruetic, id help

One is light peach and has an "s" over a score, then the number 820. Very tiny, round with beveled edges on top and bottom. One is a darker, light peach/orange color and has the numbers ...

Posted 6 Jul 2005 3 answers

a round yellow pill with a "v"

a round yellow pill with a "v".

Posted 10 Aug 2005 1 answer


What is a pill with the GG 258 on it ?

Posted 15 Sep 2004 1 answer

this white oval pill only has 770 imprinted on it

i have this white oval pill that says 770 on it and i dont know what it is

Posted 30 Aug 2005 2 answers

White oval pill with the number 391

Can you help me identify this pill. Leigh Best

Posted 13 Aug 2005 1 answer

Help me ID this, bright green oval pill

I found a couple of pills in my boyfriends medicine cabinet in an old prescription bottle that the label was torn off, he claims to not remember what they are. They are bright green oval tablets ...

Posted 13 Sep 2005 2 answers

Oval blue pill w/ 275 on 1 side and "NOVO" on 2nd

Any suggestions on what it would be?

Posted 20 Aug 2005 1 answer

Small round creamed colored pill, Mylan/A3

Can you help me identify this pill please. Leigh Best Leigh Best

Posted 10 Jul 2005 1 answer

please help with id of pills

I was cleaning my stepson's room and found a bunch of pills in a drawer they are round brown pill with a I-2 on one side and nothing on the other/ pink and white small capsule with GG over 533 ...

Posted 12 May 2005 4 answers

Round, White, P A / 308

Please I.D. this pill. It is white, round and has "PA" on one side and the #'s 308 on the other. Thanks for your help !! R.J.

Posted 7 Sep 2005 1 answer

pillid oval no imprint bill one half white other

fat oval no imprint bill one half white other

Posted 10 Aug 2005 1 answer

ID for white round pill with "998" on it?

I was recently cleaning out old boxes in the home of a recently deceased neighbor, who had some "scandalous" boxes that his estate executor wanted to shield from the deceased man's ...

Posted 19 Sep 2005 1 answer

found pill info

white round scored with 54733 on it

Posted 7 Aug 2005 1 answer

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