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Tiny White Pill - need help identifying M and 2

I found two pills in my daughters backpack. They are tiny white with a M on one side and 2 on the other. Can anyone help identify.

Posted 4 Nov 2005 1 answer

cant identify m1712

Found a pill in my sons room and it had an M on one side in a box and the other side had the numbers 1721. Please help i dont want him to take illegal drugs or someone elses prescriptions?

Posted 24 Nov 2005 1 answer

Round White pill, DAN 6568 or 6569

I found a white pill in my bedroom, Its round white and had DAN on one side and 6568 or maybe it was6569, I can't remember which, can anyone help me?

Posted 18 Sep 2005 2 answers


brownish pill ETH on one side, 15 on the other


Posted 18 Nov 2005 1 answer

White, round pill, 93-5160

Found some pills, want to know what they are. It's a round, white, tablet with a 93 on one side and 5160 under the 93. The other side of the pill is scored so you can break it into 4 pieces. ...

Posted 22 Apr 2005 1 answer

white oblong pill cm650

I was trying to identify this pill haven't had any luck. white oblong pill CM650.

Posted 13 Nov 2005 1 answer

please id pill pink & white capsule CPC 835

A friend of mine found these in her daughter's house after her cousing had been there, they are small pink & white capsules with CPC 835 on them.

Posted 10 May 2005 2 answers

pink/peach capsule 54 463

What is this?

Posted 23 Apr 2005 1 answer

small white round pill marked M D9

Like this... M D9 All on the same side.

Posted 18 Oct 2005 1 answer

Round little pink pill w/ S any help.

Hi i have a round little pink pill with and "S" in the middle, anyone knows what is it? someone tell me it was Valium. Any help.

Posted 5 Oct 2005 2 answers

35/93 V

can anyone help me id this pill? White,oblong and on the larger side.

Posted 18 Nov 2005 1 answer

Please help... Blue, oval pill imprint 1368

This is the third post for this pill. I am having no luck finding it. It is Blue imprinted with 1368 thats it. It is oval shaped not very thick. Can anyone Id it? Thanks.

Posted 28 Jul 2005 2 answers

Oval light blue pill marked 66 above 258

Any info would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

Posted 24 Oct 2005 1 answer

white oblong pill with I-2 on one side

does anyone know what this is? I cannot find any info on it. Thanks One day at a time...

Posted 6 Apr 2005 1 answer

small white pill scored on back EP 225 on front

i need to know what this pill is

Posted 21 Aug 2005 1 answer

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