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help gg506

what is this

Posted 1 Nov 2005 1 answer

blue round G14 pills

has anybody any clue what a blue round enteric coated pill with G14 on one side would be thanks mj wondering?

Posted 16 Sep 2005 1 answer

yellow capsule A269, blue oblong pill L481?

I haave two pills I need help identifying. The first one is a capsule that is yellow and clear and haas the markings A 269 on it, I believe it is aa pain pill of some sort but I"m not sure. I ...

Posted 17 Oct 2005 1 answer

GG 101

What is this pill? barbara williams

Posted 6 May 2005 1 answer

pill identification help? 357HR

I have a pill that is lite pinkish and is labeled with 357HR. It is rectangular but rounded on one side and flat on the other. Anyone know what this could be?

Posted 22 Oct 2005 1 answer

large pink oval pill A 074

Can anyone identify this pill for me? It looks to be coated, and on one side it's marked A 074, with no markings at all on the other side. Thanks! Deni

Posted 15 Apr 2005 3 answers

Need pill id

Light orange oval shaped pill no scoring with imprint L254. Can't find info anywhere. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Posted 14 Oct 2005 1 answer

blue oval tablet 44235

I have been trying to ID a blue oval tablet with imprint 44 235. If anyone knows what it may be I would really appreciate the information. Thanks sooo much!

Posted 13 Jan 2005 1 answer

still cant identify this pill

This round green tablet is tall and is "pale green" with no markings other than a pair of sunglasses or an infinity symbol on it (hard to tell) i have picture if it helps anyone identify. ...

Posted 29 Aug 2005 1 answer

54-262 round white tablet

what is this pill. i found a few of them and know i saved them for something. could be allergy medicine? pain killer? help

Posted 4 Aug 2005 1 answer

round white pill MP 58

I have a pill that is white and round it has MP and under it it says 58. Is this a soma?

Posted 1 Apr 2005 1 answer

Pill Identification A 594 and x

can anyone identify a pill with a large A and a 594 on one side and an x on the other.

Posted 21 Oct 2005 1 answer

Does anyone know what this pill is

It is white oval shaped tablet with an inprint of 770?

Posted 25 Oct 2005 1 answer

Pill Identification DAN 5442

I found a white oval tablet, scored down the middle, with the letters DAN on scored side and the number 5442 on the other. Thank You for your help in this matter.

Posted 26 Feb 2005 1 answer

yellow and white small capsule watson370 10mg


Posted 13 Oct 2005 1 answer

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