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Need help identifying a pill, very important!!

I found a pill in my sons dresser today and its a green pill, round, one side is scored and has a S on top and a 265 on the bottom, the other side is blank. does anyone know what this is?? well i ...

Posted 1 Mar 2006 4 answers

dark green/light green capsule

Please help id dark green/light green capsule with ML-A08 500 on it. Thank you

Posted 3 Mar 2006 1 answer

Help Identify this Konopin

I have about 90 2mg clonazepams and the pills are white round and one side has a line to cut it in half with a little 2 on the top, the other side says 275 i know there real but i would like to know ...

Posted 23 Mar 2006 1 answer


I found a White oval pill, with M | 20 on one side and on the other it looks like a design with 2 L's amd the second pill is light blue and it has an M over 47 on the front and a line through ...

Posted 23 Mar 2006 2 answers

Need ID on two tablets found in daughters room

1. White round tablet 2410 marking with a script V under the 2410 2. Orange oval tablet with a lower case b under the number 973 score on either side of 973. Anyone that know what these are please ...

Posted 7 Mar 2006 2 answers

Capsule, Blue & Yellow

Hello I'm looking to id a pill in this form: Capsule, Blue half with the number 271 the yellow half has 9/90 stamped on it. Thanks for any help.

Posted 16 Mar 2006 2 answers

mustard yellow pill marked GG 953/10 on other side

Does anyone know about this?

Posted 18 Oct 2005 1 answer

Diet Pills R-173 and T / 3 5

I have two different types of diet pills that I'm trying to identify. The first is a blue and white capsule that only says R-173 on it, and the other is a yellow round pill with an embedded ...

Posted 1 Dec 2005 3 answers

pill identification (pink capsule west ward 235

Can anyone tell me what this pill is?

Posted 15 Apr 2005 5 answers

pill makes you drowsey

it's small, round, white with orange or blue or other color dots and would make one sleepy.[?]

Posted 29 Mar 2006 1 answer

Found Round and Oval White Pills. U, 9, and 4

I found a makeup container in our office that has 2 different kinds of white pills in it. The round one has a score down the middle on both sides. One side has a U on each side of the score and the ...

Posted 24 Mar 2006 2 answers

tiny white round L and a t shape on other side

hi tried to get it all in the subject, but I found a very small white round tablet, with an L on one side and a t shaped (almost cross like really) scoring on the other side. I have ordered from ...

Posted 28 Mar 2006 2 answers

what type of pill?

I wanted to know what kind of white round pill with the number 93 on one line and 834 on the other line is.

Posted 21 Jan 2006 1 answer

id pill mylan A3 5mg?

mylan A3 5mg. round what is it??

Posted 12 Feb 2006 1 answer

orange oval pill. BARR on one side 5/833 on back

this oval pill has barr on front and 5 and 833 seperated by a score on the back. what is it?

Posted 13 Jan 2006 1 answer

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