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a couple of unknown pills

-a brown and white pill, kind of small, labeled 93 3107 on it. -a bright pink round pill as wide as the top of a pinky finger but no identification -a round white pill with an X engraved on either ...

Posted 7 Apr 2006 1 answer

hoping someone can identify pill

It is round, bright pink, scored into 4 sections, and has cor 135 printed on it. Found this in a teen's bookbag so any help is greatly appreciated!

Posted 22 Apr 2006 1 answer

white round pill with lehning imprinted

If anyone knows what this pill is please let me know. Thanks Lanna

Posted 7 Apr 2006 1 answer

Please help me identify this!

Small round white pill w/ a M in a square on one side and a slash on the other side w/ a 5 on the top and nothing on the bottom.

Posted 28 Apr 2006 1 answer

2410 v

I found this in my daughter's room. It is white with the numbers 2410 on top and the letter V under the numbers. It is not scored and the writing is all on the same side. Thanks

Posted 28 Feb 2005 1 answer

White oblong tablet NOTscored. IP 189 obverse 375

1/2 inch(1.25cm) long The 1st charater looks like upper 'i' or lower 'l' it is single verticle stroke emboss character. Ive looked, beleive me. Thanks for your help and attention, ...

Posted 11 Sep 2005 2 answers

dan 5256 white round phenegran?

found a white round small pill dan dan on one side and i think 5256 on the other anyone know what it is ? I think it might be phenegren thanks

Posted 20 Apr 2006 1 answer

pill id

The capsule I have is an aqua an white color, imprinted with 506, 60mg Can anyone Help Identify

Posted 29 Apr 2006 1 answer

white oval pill with R180

I found a white pill that is oval and scored into quarters on one side... on the other side it has the inscription on R180 on it... what is this... thanks in advance...

Posted 29 Nov 2004 1 answer

pill ID

round, small, white tablet; 458 on one side, unable to read other side

Posted 15 Apr 2006 1 answer

white scored tablet with teh numbers 54 over 733

can someone please help me id this pill?

Posted 4 May 2006 1 answer

White Round Pill w/ 771 on one side

This pill is white and round with 771 on one side the other side is blank. Would someone please id this pill for me. Thank you, Marcia

Posted 22 Mar 2005 1 answer

ID round white oval marked mp 424

please help identify the pill, the M and p are formed together. maybe Merck pharma. the 454 is on the other side of the break line. thanks for the help. x

Posted 25 Aug 2005 1 answer

Orange and white capsule, no markings

A package of pills, orange and white capsules with white powder inside. They have no markings. They are in a foil package. I don't know if you can find anything about them without imprints. ...

Posted 17 Feb 2006 1 answer

White/yellowish oblong scored NO imprints

This pill is white/yellowish, oblong, is scored, and has NO imprints. I can not find out what this is. Can someone please help me. My friend had said that this MIGHT be some kind of Hydrocodone?

Posted 24 Apr 2006 2 answers

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