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White Pill

Square white pill marked A

Posted 1 May 2006 2 answers

what is this pill small white round 5658/dan

what is this pill? betty j abel

Posted 5 Jan 2006 1 answer

white oval pill with R180

I found a white pill that is oval and scored into quarters on one side... on the other side it has the inscription on R180 on it... what is this... thanks in advance...

Posted 29 Nov 2004 1 answer

Pink Pill

Found small round Pink Pill with "P" above and 75 below on one side and the ohter side is blank. Any ideas what kind it is. Founs in Child's room disguised in a mint container. Keba1 ...

Posted 3 May 2006 1 answer

White Round Pill, 4441

The numbers 4441 are found on one side, with what appears to be an up-facing triangle beneath a down-facing one, forming a small hourglass shape. On the back of the pill is the number 300 ...

Posted 22 Apr 2006 3 answers

whitish scored round pill three diamonds

Looking to identify this small round, whitish to beige round scored pill with three diamonds on the one side that form a triangle. thanks

Posted 7 May 2006 3 answers

Round yellow pill

I've never seen a pill like this before and I was looking on here to see what it might be. It's a round yellow pill and what it appear's to be on the front of it is a K that is the ...

Posted 13 May 2006 1 answer

white round pill

I found a white round pill with z 2907 on it and scored on the back.

Posted 10 May 2006 1 answer

purple pill 515 JSP

does anyone know this??

Posted 25 Jan 2006 2 answers

Green and Yellow Capsule

I found some green and yellow capsules in my brother's truck and they were empty, but there was some red looking powder left in one of the capsules. There is nothing written on them, anyone have ...

Posted 8 Mar 2006 1 answer

Yellow Capsule Mylan 5050

Could someone identify.

Posted 23 Nov 2005 1 answer

Pill Id imprint R 757

I found a Pill and I have been searching and searching to find out what it is but no luck can someone help me? It's a Small white pill it's not reall oval I don't know what the right ...

Posted 10 May 2006 2 answers

little white pill

I found a little white round pill about the size of a dime or a little smaller and it has an A with MS under it on one side and a little line down the middle on the other side. if you know what it is ...

Posted 9 May 2006 1 answer

purple oval pill, need ID

purple oval pill, TC on one side, 30 on the other thanks I Don't Care What You Think, I Just Care That You Think.

Posted 6 Apr 2006 2 answers

Identify round white pill, markings 571& R

I found this pil on my bedroom floor. Adult son lives with us and is an alcoholic/addict. Will take ANYTHING! He has been clean for several weeks but we believe he is using again.He has been in and ...

Posted 26 Apr 2006 2 answers

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