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West-ward 235

I have a bunch of salmon colored capsules with West-ward 235 on it. What is it? My friend tried telling me it was darvon 65mg, don't think so though. I have never ever seen darvon look like ...

Posted 7 Jan 2006 1 answer

White Round Pill w/ 771 on one side

This pill is white and round with 771 on one side the other side is blank. Would someone please id this pill for me. Thank you, Marcia

Posted 22 Mar 2005 1 answer

Orange and white capsule, no markings

A package of pills, orange and white capsules with white powder inside. They have no markings. They are in a foil package. I don't know if you can find anything about them without imprints. ...

Posted 17 Feb 2006 1 answer

L976 Red and White Capsule

Can You Help Identify?? Vickie

Posted 9 Jan 2006 1 answer

Pink triangularish pill with an M/W on it

It's a pink pill shaped like a house (square with a tip) with what could be an M or a W on it made with rectangular shapes, but I think it's W because under it are the numbers ...

Posted 29 Apr 2006 1 answer

ID pill please, blue oblong capsule Dan 5440

Just wanted to know what this capsule with imprint Dan 5440.

Posted 20 Jun 2005 2 answers

Help ID Big Dark Green/Light Green Capsule ML-A08

Please Help me to Identify found medication, I have never seen it before. I'm not sure if it isnt some type of over the counter medication. They are Big Capsules, one side Dark Green and the ...

Posted 2 Jan 2006 3 answers

please help...

I found this pill in my teenage daughters bedroom. i know that she has experienced in the past with drugs and im worried it may have gotten worse than that. please help me identify this pill. she has ...

Posted 25 Apr 2006 1 answer

Pink, oblong, pill w/ a V & 3600 on it

what exactly is this pill

Posted 18 Mar 2006 1 answer

Need to know what this pill is

It is a white round tablet scored horizontally and vertically has imprint APO T1-4 on it

Posted 7 Apr 2006 1 answer

Turquoise Capsule, Mylan 5750

Found this turquoise capsule enscribed with MYLAN 5750 on it. Can anyone identify? Thanks!

Posted 17 Sep 2005 2 answers

Pill found

Found a round white pill with the imprint 44 159 (44 is above the 159 with nothing on the reverse side). Anyone know what this is?

Posted 13 Apr 2006 1 answer

oblonge orange pill with kali/083 on other side

this i found in my 15 year old son's room tonight and i am so upset before i confront him i would like to know what they might be! i have SLE "lupus" myself and i have to take pain ...

Posted 4 Oct 2005 1 answer

Small round white and blue pills

I have a small white or really light blue round pill that has either O-M or W-O on one side and 215 on the other. I also have another similar pill except it is blue with 250 on it. does anyone know ...

Posted 21 Mar 2006 1 answer

white round scored tablet with R and 59

I believe this is a valium, but need to be sure. On one side it is scored and the other it has a R (I think it is made by Roche) and the number 59 under it. [?]

Posted 28 Feb 2006 2 answers

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