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White Round Pill w/ 771 on one side

This pill is white and round with 771 on one side the other side is blank. Would someone please id this pill for me. Thank you, Marcia

Posted 22 Mar 2005 1 answer

white oval pill 93 and 58.need id


Posted 29 Dec 2005 2 answers

red and off-white capsule M 532--Pain?

can u please help me out with what this capsule is?

Posted 7 Jan 2006 2 answers

2 pills white both scored rx/773 and pliva 430

I found 2 pills I need ids for. #1 round white tablet; rx top and 773 bottom, and #2 round white tablet pliva top and 430 bottom. Get back to me asap pleasr. Thank you for your help!!

Posted 27 Dec 2005 1 answer

Is this morphine?

I found a little red pill that is a capsule script is v 4206 there is powder in the capsule. Please help!

Posted 25 Mar 2006 1 answer


Please identify this pink tablet..It has E703 on one side and 20 on the other side..Thanks.

Posted 7 Sep 2005 1 answer

pliva 563 , mova 500 m50 , whiteoval w/ 93 638

Need help identifying these please. the pliva 563 is a very small yellowish oval pill, the mova 500 m50 is a long kinda oragane and white mix, and the other is a oval white pill with 93 over one slit ...

Posted 18 Aug 2005 1 answer

hard pill half gray half cream with white tip

found it on the teenager room need to know what is it? is like cylinder shape, half gray color, half yellowish cream color with white tip, no markings please advise thanks and regards dany

Posted 29 Mar 2006 2 answers

orange pill

i found a orange small pill with eth on one side and 35 or 315 w/ line in the middle what is it how many miligrams

Posted 11 Apr 2006 2 answers

pill identification 44 over 159

Found some pill that are round, white, tablet, imprinted with 44 over 159. Does anyone know what this is?[8)]

Posted 1 Jun 2005 2 answers

Orange pill ID

My 6 yr old came home with 2 pills in her backpack, she says a friend gave them to her saying it was candy... i cant seem to find it anywhere... Looks very similar to a DayQuil pill, orange, ...

Posted 24 Mar 2006 1 answer

ID pill please, blue oblong capsule Dan 5440

Just wanted to know what this capsule with imprint Dan 5440.

Posted 20 Jun 2005 2 answers

Pill with 512 on it

I found a white round pill with a line down the center on one side and the number 512 on the other. Does anyone know what this is? Thank you

Posted 2 Jan 2006 1 answer

Z 2083

I found a bunch of pills that are orange/peachish in color and that have the letter Z w/ the numbers 2083 under it. I would really like to know what these are.

Posted 29 Sep 2005 1 answer

Found White oval pill IP137 800

Found two pills that need identification one white oval shaped pill with the number IP 137 on one side and 800 on the other side. The other is a blue octagon shaped pill with pfizer on one side and ...

Posted 24 Sep 2005 2 answers

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