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Small white pill

Need help identifying tiny white pill has RX over 7 on it, is also marked so that it can be cut in half. Thanks Jerri L. Landis

Posted 1 Mar 2006 1 answer


Green oval in shape. 33 stamped on one side, 93 stamped on reverse side

Posted 25 Feb 2006 1 answer

small, round peach pill

My child brought home a small, round, orange tablet that on one side has an A and on the other side has 255. Could someone please help me find out what this medication is. Thanks:)

Posted 27 Feb 2006 1 answer

White round tablet West Word 475

Dog pill or human pill? What drug is it?

Posted 26 Sep 2005 1 answer

Pill Identification E311

I need to know what a pill is. It is round, white and has E311 on the top.

Posted 9 Nov 2005 1 answer

imposter oxycodone?? need help please!!

I'm trying to identify a pill that looks to be oxycodone, but at a closer look, is actually an imposter. It is small, round, and has the M on one side, but the numbers on the other side are ...

Posted 23 Feb 2006 1 answer

Bright blue capsule imprint cor 153

i found this pill... can someone please identify it. Its a capsule that is bright blue imprinted with cor 153

Posted 25 Dec 2005 1 answer

round pink pill with a C on it

round pink pill with a C on the front and 86 over 62 on the back if any one knows what this is can you please tell me thanks

Posted 1 Dec 2005 1 answer


I just found some pills they are white round and they have on one side PA on the other has 547 someone please help me identify them.

Posted 27 Feb 2006 1 answer

what is this pill that makes me feel weird?

white circle pill with 54 over 262 on one side... please hurry

Posted 10 Mar 2006 1 answer

round white pill 200 on back

have round white pill on back one side it says 200 and on other side it has 2 triangles on it facing each other tip to tip like hour glass Please can someone tell me what this is - I have looked ...

Posted 29 Dec 2005 1 answer

help id - white pill with black R on one side...

... and 551 on the other. round. pretty sure it's prescription. also have some capsules that are half light blue and half darker blue with 3 G's and AP AP PM written on. i think this is ...

Posted 18 Feb 2006 2 answers

help please

I need help fast!! I found this pill in my kids room and need to know what it is. The pill is long, white, and kinda like an oval rectangular shape. On one side the pill it has what looks like a hour ...

Posted 10 Mar 2006 2 answers

Pill ID help

I found 2 oval, light pink-ish tablets marked PAL 032 in my kid's room. Does anyone know what this is? He has taken painkillers and muscle relaxers before, so I can only assume that's what ...

Posted 8 Mar 2006 1 answer

help mylan pills scored down the middle A1

two small pills... white with tiny bit of bluish color... they say mylan A1 on one side... its a tablet scored for two halves Jdawg

Posted 6 Jan 2006 1 answer

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