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small blue pill

i found a 3/8" round liht blue pill with a convex surface on both sides, one side is imprinted with L490 the other side is smooth. can anyone tell me what this might be?

Posted 25 Jul 2006 1 answer

yellowish orange round pill M one side 751other

found round yellowish orange pill M on one side 751 on the other anyone know what it is? thanks

Posted 22 Apr 2006 3 answers

Oval orange/pink scored pill "E"(score) "30"

This is a small football-shaped tablet. Orangish pink. Is scored (divided) in the middle. One side has an "E" (or backwards "3")and the other has "30" on it. Does ...

Posted 11 May 2006 1 answer

round blue pill 44 458

Pill is blue with white specks in it. The pill is blank on one side and 44 on the top "is scored" 458 on the bottom. Pill is round. Any help would be great. thanks,ted

Posted 27 Feb 2006 1 answer

Blue Oval Shaped Capsule, A-P,110

Can you help me identify this pill? I remember it was given to me for arthritis but I have several different kind of old pills all in one bottle. Angenete

Posted 29 Jun 2006 1 answer

Pill Identifier

I have found white rounds pills with the letter E and underneath is the numbers 311, do you know what these are?

Posted 1 Aug 2006 1 answer

green pill 417 What is it?

I found a pill that has dp 417 imprinted on it. It is green and is manufactured by allscripts. I dont remember ever getting these. Maybe they are really old and that is why I am having trouble ...

Posted 7 Jul 2006 1 answer

4 small oval shaped pills

I found 4 small oval shaped pills in my sons room. They are scored vertically and horizintally on one side and have R180 on the other side. Can you please tell me what these are[?] momma[8]

Posted 30 Jun 2006 2 answers


I found three of these pills in my friends little boys room while spending the weekend with them. He is only 12 and I know he is on something for ADD but I know this is not his Ritilan (sp?) This ...

Posted 28 Jul 2006 2 answers



Posted 4 Sep 2005 2 answers

white oval pill 1024 / 93

this is a pretty small to medium sized white pill with imprinted on one side and the other side as 93 then a line down the middle and nothing no the other side of the line, thanks

Posted 6 Jul 2006 1 answer

yellow round med size side1 MARION side 2scor 1772

I have a yellow medium sized pill with MARION on side 1 and 1772 with a score mark running between the two sevens.

Posted 21 Aug 2006 1 answer

round white pill Z on one side and 65 on other

Can anyone identify this pill?

Posted 13 Mar 2006 1 answer

Watson 540 & 503

Is Watson 540 stronger than Watson 503? And what's in it?

Posted 27 Nov 2004 1 answer

Help Identifying

Have a small round white pill. One side is imprinted ABG and the other side 10.

Posted 17 Aug 2006 1 answer

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