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yellow round pill with L409 on one side

the opposite side is blank i need to know what this is my dog got ahold of one a package of them and we dont know what they sre dyrthg

Posted 5 May 2006 3 answers



Posted 4 Sep 2005 2 answers

can't find name for pill

The pill that was found in my daughters cupboard in a cup in the back is a oblong white pill with IP 132 on one side and 600 on the other side. Please help me identify this pill. Thank you

Posted 5 May 2006 1 answer

93 58 white pill

White football shaped pill has 58 on one side and 93 on the other

Posted 19 May 2005 1 answer

small orange pill

I found a small orange pill with wpi on top under that on the same side is 844. What is the name of this pill please?

Posted 11 Aug 2006 2 answers

small white round pill

One side has a M in a square and the other side has 05 line 52 ... please id

Posted 11 Aug 2006 1 answer

found pill need to know what it is asap

its fat and long white with A261 on the front on bottle it says proxy what is proxy becky mowry

Posted 15 Aug 2006 1 answer

DAN 5440 turquoise capsule

pill is capsule turquoise and says dan 5440

Posted 13 Mar 2005 1 answer

Found Pink Pill with lace markings/018 or 810

I found a pink pill that has a lacy marking on one side and the numbers 018 and and underline marking on the other side... or 810 with a line on top depending on which way you turn the pill... the ...

Posted 28 Aug 2005 1 answer

White round pill marked MYLAN 271

Is this a sleeping pill?

Posted 18 Oct 2005 1 answer

identify pill

large white pill with 93-122 on one side nothing on other Rnotkaren

Posted 14 Aug 2006 1 answer

Identify oval and white, with watson 385

I found a pill in bathroom... It oval and white, with watson 385 on it with a break in the back of the pil anyone know what this may be? Thanks alot...

Posted 19 Dec 2005 2 answers

What are these!!

[?]Need Help Please! I have some small, round, white pills with G4 on one side and M on the other. Can anyone tell me what they are? Thank you in advance.:) mcrich35

Posted 18 Aug 2006 1 answer

Help on pill please...

I've found a small, apple red tablet that reads "ZEE" on one side, and there's a C/A on the other side. Been looking for what this is for days... hope someone can help! Thanks.

Posted 9 Aug 2006 5 answers

Lots of Pills in my son's room

Please help me ID these: 1) round white tablet with 2410 and under it a V 2) white caplet scored on one side, other side has M363 3) tiny orange pill with a small 5 on one side 4) small white pill, ...

Posted 10 Jan 2006 6 answers

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