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Pill Id Questions

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Couple of Different Pills. HELP>>>

Hi, I have found a ovalish/rectanglish pill, you no what i meen, its green and has P 211 on them. Also, there are blue pills same shape with K 19 on them. Next, white round pills with A 690 on them. ...

Posted 23 Apr 2006 8 answers

mystery pill site

i have seen mention from other users a reference to a mystery pill site. Could i have the link to this site please?

Posted 18 Jun 2006 1 answer

blue round pill w/ watson 794 on it

can someone identify?

Posted 27 Jun 2006 1 answer

oblong white pill marked 20 one side cross other

I found a white oblong pill marked with a number 20 on one side and has something that looks either like a cross or diamond. Does anyone know what this might be?

Posted 27 Jun 2006 1 answer

round light orange pill, M on one side,751 other

Does anyone know what this is? Thanks

Posted 17 May 2006 1 answer

need to id an orange pill!!

I found some of these pills, they're orange whit an N on. here's a pic:

Posted 18 Jun 2006 3 answers

Found pill help - round, white, 4839 and V ?

the pill is round its white it has 4839 then a line then a v under the line?

Posted 28 Apr 2006 1 answer

pill id

oval shaped,light blue,93 on one side,1118 on other side, what is this?

Posted 19 Jul 2006 1 answer

what is this 1

Round Yellow pill with p73 on 1 side and nothin on the other

Posted 8 Jul 2006 1 answer

pill identification ENDO 602; KALI 083

Could you please help me with two pills? One is white and scored in half with ENDO 602 on the one side and nothing on the other side. The other one is like a brick red pill, oblong and has KALI on ...

Posted 17 Jul 2005 1 answer

please identify

I found a half of an oblong pill. it is brownish, or tannish in color and it has either ex on half or x3 on half. not sure which

Posted 7 Jul 2006 1 answer

Small, White, Round, Scored, one side M,other 231

I found these little round white pills in my son's room, one side it has a line through the middle with 231 above it, the other side says M.

Posted 13 Mar 2006 3 answers

Yellow Capsule Identification st-2 224 3850

I found a yellow capsule in my teenage sons room. It has a brownish colored powder with the writing on 1/2 of the capsule is st-2 and on the other half is 224 over a line, and 3850 under the line.

Posted 4 May 2005 1 answer

Small white pill?

Small white pill with M enclosed in square on one side and 05/52 on the other. eric edge

Posted 1 Jun 2006 1 answer

id pill asap

yellow pill shape as a football has E797 and the back has 10 on it please help??

Posted 4 Jul 2006 1 answer

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