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Pill ID

Hey everyone, I need a Pill ID It it white with blue specs and A345 My neighbor found it Hide in a pair of her sons old shoes It looks like a lortab but I am not sure of the strength. the is the 8th ...

Posted 11 Aug 2006 3 answers

Found Oblong White&Blue Speckles Pill

My grandmother has some white and speckled blue pills and has thrown away the bottle for some reason. Could anyone help in telling me what they are? I would greatly appreciate it. I don't know ...

Posted 24 Aug 2006 2 answers

scored white oblong pill, L2 on other side

I cant find anything on the internet period about these three pills i found. They are white, oblong, scored, and bear the imprint L2 on the side that isn't scored. It is definately white, not ...

Posted 12 May 2006 2 answers

help me out

my friend bought a redish brown pill and he was told it is an oxy 80 or an equivilant to it does anyone know what it is?

Posted 8 Aug 2006 6 answers

help i.d. bright yellow , oval pill

I found a pill. It is oval-shaped, bright yellow and has "3601" on one side, and "01" (or 10?) on the other. It is scored to split in half. Thanks.

Posted 15 Aug 2006 1 answer


I have a pill that is purple round and has 30 on one side and a M thats in a square on the other side. I was told that it is the same thing as oxycontin is this true, is this pill just like oxy and ...

Posted 25 Jul 2006 9 answers

pill id

I found a collection of small light blue round scored pills with M on the top and the # 30 underneath... can anyone tell me what they are?

Posted 1 Sep 2006 1 answer

Found Pink Pill with lace markings/018 or 810

I found a pink pill that has a lacy marking on one side and the numbers 018 and and underline marking on the other side... or 810 with a line on top depending on which way you turn the pill... the ...

Posted 28 Aug 2005 1 answer

Imprint "ALP", white rectagular tablet, need id

Please let me know of dosage and company that makes it. Thanks, jamdifo

Posted 13 Jul 2006 1 answer

round white pill 54 262 on it

I found this pill and I would like to know what it is

Posted 26 May 2006 1 answer

Round, Green, Imprint A 420, scored

Anyone have an idea what this is?

Posted 15 Sep 2006 1 answer

tannish pinkish peachish pill

I am trying to identify a pill for a friend. He is trying to stop popping pills. He has been taking them for a few months. He has no clue as to the actual name or whether they are generic or not... ...

Posted 18 Aug 2006 1 answer

cant identify pill

found a yellow round pill with 273 on one side and the other side is scored in half with .5 on it, can anyone identify this pills use and name?

Posted 27 May 2006 1 answer

Small blueish-green round pill scored one side

I have these small round blue-green almost white pills that are scored on one side and blank on the other. Really blank! Commen sense would dictate some sort of identifier, but there's none ...

Posted 31 Jul 2006 1 answer

Questionable Pill

Found a round yellow pill with the number L535 printed on it. Any ideas?

Posted 2 Sep 2006 1 answer

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