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please help, found this in my sisters room

its an orange pill with white specks, its round, and on one side it has 44 and then below that it has 218. i hope its nothing bad but i couldnt find it in the pill identifier, thanks for the help

Posted 22 Jul 2006 1 answer

Blue Oval Pill- Italic letter "E" numbers 410

Blue Oval Pill- Italic letter "E" numbers 410 under E

Posted 25 Apr 2006 1 answer

white oval pill, mp/85

Can anyone identify a white oval pill with mp on one end, scored, and 85 on the other? I think it may be some type of antibiotic, but I'd like to know what exactly. Thanks.

Posted 17 Sep 2005 1 answer

Yellow Pill Help

Round Yellow Pill imprinted with a P inside a circle. There is a groove on the opposite side. Any ideas?

Posted 15 Jul 2006 1 answer

yellow round pill

Can you please tell me what this is,if anybody knows? (thanx in advance) They are small round yellow pills.It has a C on one side and scored with a 13 on the same side( onother half) ... and on the ...

Posted 1 Jul 2006 4 answers

Found large, white oblong pill - OP 128 scored in the middle?

Possible imprint OP 128 scored in the middle. (the pill got wet on the imprint side making it a little difficult to read) Does anyone have a clue what this could be? Thanks

Posted 12 Jun 2006 1 answer

white round pill w/ triangles & 150

Can anyone help me id this pill? It is a small, white pill with a shape similar to this --- *--- --- * *--- --*--* *--*-- -* *--*--* *- *--* in case you can't see this- it has two trianles ...

Posted 28 Feb 2006 1 answer

white,oblong pain pill, v on one side 4212 on othe

this is a white pill and I need to find out what it is. It has a v like Vicodin, but causes sleep. thanks

Posted 21 Feb 2006 1 answer

Red/Pink oval pill with G on one side and 3060

The pills are a reddish pink and have a letter G in the shape of a hexagon, on one side is the number 3060. The pill is oval shaped. I looked on google and a quite a few pill ID sites and no luck so ...

Posted 1 Jan 2006 5 answers

E 145 oval white tablet

elongated oval, white, E145 on one side. please identify

Posted 16 May 2005 1 answer

small round pill

i have a small round pill, about 3/8ths of an inch. on one side there is a big 3. on the other there is a 93 with 150 under it. the pill is light brownish tan.

Posted 26 Jul 2006 1 answer

Oval white pill scored A on top beta on bottom

An oval white pill scored on front and back with a rounded A on the top and a stylized B (a beta) on the bottom - the markings are only on the front of the pill - the back just has a scoring mark

Posted 21 Jun 2006 1 answer

White oval pill with 60 on one side/E or 3 othr

Can you help me id? Might be a morphine want to no if extended release also. Thanks

Posted 2 Aug 2006 1 answer

Trying to find out what this pill is

Found these pills in sons room. they are round and white. One side is blank and the other has 4839 then a line and what looks like the symbol for square root. Anyone got any clue?

Posted 14 Jul 2006 1 answer

little green pill with 67 on one side and SL on ot

found some little green pills with 67 on one side and SL on other side. need to found out what it is.

Posted 29 Jun 2006 1 answer

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