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Small Blue Pill

I found a small round blue pill with WATSON on one side and 525 on the other. Does anyone know what this might be?

Posted 13 Jul 2006 1 answer


Anyone have an ID on a small, round brown pill with an upper case "M" and the number 36 under it? Thanks. Carl Rosen

Posted 29 Jul 2005 1 answer

AAAAhhh... PLease Help me, what is this?

THis pill is a light orangish small round pill with the letters PLIVA imprinted into one side of the pill and the numbers 563 imprinted into the other side. can u please help me find out what this is ...

Posted 15 Jul 2006 1 answer

White round non-coated pill: Horizon 205

I found a small white round, non-coated, pill with one horizontal score on the same side as the following imprints: Horizon 205. Can anyone give me some idea of what this is? It is very important ...

Posted 1 Jul 2006 1 answer

pill Identification

"square white with X on one side 1 on other"

Posted 24 Jul 2006 1 answer

Need id on pill

Trying to identify a pill I found. It's oval-rectangular with an A on one side and 0 | 7 on the other side. The | is a angled indention.

Posted 11 Jul 2006 1 answer

please help me

I found 3 pills in my sons room and i need to know what they are,please help me. they must be generic they are not coming up on the pill identifier. thanks #1: white oval tablet one side: 4435 ...

Posted 13 Jul 2006 1 answer

Biocraft 105... What is this?

I have a bunch of pills that are white oval shaped and on one side they say "Biocraft" and on the other they say "105." Does anyone know what these are? Or a link to a place I ...

Posted 13 Dec 2005 1 answer

What is this pill

Please help in finding out what the name of this pill is. the capsule is red -- oval and contains the numbers 93 3147 Thats all that is written. Thanks for your help/

Posted 5 Jul 2006 2 answers

help with found pill

found this pill its skinny peanut blue and gray capsule with B 073

Posted 4 Jul 2006 2 answers

Small round green pill watson 747 on one side

Please help ID small round green pill watson 747 on one side nothing written on other side just a line in the middle

Posted 27 Mar 2006 3 answers

2 yellow pills R 34 and R 039

I found two yellow pills in son's room... Round pale yellow, with R 34 on one side and scored once on the other. The other one is a yellow bar with R 039 and with 4 scores on both sides. ...

Posted 16 Feb 2005 1 answer

white round pill ENDO 602

white round pill ENDO 602 other side is scored Dana Gann

Posted 8 May 2006 1 answer

Found Yellow Oblong Pills

I found some Yellow oblng shaped pills with the imprint of 222 on one side and B L on the other side, I've searched the forum and the internet and haven't been able to figure out what they ...

Posted 6 Jul 2006 1 answer

tiny pink oblong pill 112 on one side

Can anyone tell me what this pill. Tiny pink oblong pill with 112 on one side. Other side is scored with numbers but they are hard to make out-looks like 06 on side and maybe 936 on the other

Posted 10 Jun 2006 1 answer

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