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What is a white pill with only 1 break?

Okey these pills aren't easy to find. They got no imprints at all ...

Posted 11 Jan 2007 4 answers

2 Pills, Round White 54 997, Round Peach 54 107

Round white pill with an imprint of 54 over 997, blank on the opposite side and another round peach colored pill with an imprint of 54 over 107, blank on the opposite side as well.

Posted 15 Sep 2006 3 answers

White tablet w? FR 8 on it?

Found a white round pill with FR 8 on one side and nothing on the other. Does anyone know what this is?

Posted 10 Feb 2007 1 answer

Pills Found

Found these in the my teenagers room and I can't find out what they are. description: NL 716 oval white

Posted 7 Feb 2007 1 answer

white coated 551?

I believe this 3/8" round white coated pill is a pain & antiimflamitory pill.It has 551 printed on one side and a symbol that looks like an R or a P with a line.Any info like the name and/or ...

Posted 28 Dec 2006 2 answers

54/262 white, round, scored

Can you identify this pill?

Posted 29 Dec 2006 1 answer

ADHD medication?

Found these capsule pills. They say "APO 100" One half of the capsule is a dark purple and the other half is orange. I think these may be a type of ADHD medication, but Im not sure. Fearin ...

Posted 19 Jan 2007 1 answer

44-338 imprint

White rectangular pill with rounded edges. [?]

Posted 12 Nov 2006 2 answers

need to know what it is

pill is round & white, on one side it has an M with a square around it, the other side has a 3. Someone says it's a methadone pill others say it's morphine can someone tell me I need to ...

Posted 31 Jan 2007 1 answer

E 44

please id: white round pill with the markings of E44

Posted 22 Nov 2006 1 answer

Help with ID of Capsule

grey and green with no writting was told it was a oxycodoneIR but not sure?Have searched for this and cant find what it is doesnt look like any oxy products that Ive seen or searched on the net.

Posted 1 Feb 2007 1 answer

Can anyone Identify this one?

I have found a pill in my sons room on the ground, It's a very small, white round pill. With the imprint of an M in a box on one side and the back is scored with a 5 on half of it. I think its ...

Posted 28 Jan 2007 1 answer

white oval rectangle pill

Looking to identify a white rectangle/oval pill. It has the imprint of L484 on it. any help?

Posted 9 Jan 2007 2 answers

Pill id

i got a white oval pill with the imprints P 67 on one side and blank on the other... what is this pill i found?

Posted 14 Jan 2007 1 answer

help white no imprint xanax

I was told this is a 4 mg scored criss cross on one side,and plain on other,no markings small white,any info thank

Posted 25 Dec 2006 1 answer

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