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small white oblong pill scored on 1 side

N on one side of the score & 1 on the other. by the way i'm in Canada

Posted 17 Sep 2006 1 answer

Please Identify This Pill.

White; Oblong; Length; 3/4"; Width: 3/8"; Imprint: 5113 V No Score on Reverse Thank you in advance.

Posted 16 Sep 2006 1 answer

white oval R714 pill

White oval with R714 on it. Another pill my daughter had.

Posted 24 Jun 2006 1 answer

pls help white pill with LAN1152

was told a muscle relaxer ?

Posted 13 Oct 2006 1 answer

found half yellow half orange pill

my friend found some pills at a concert there half orange half yellow and they are in capsules

Posted 13 Sep 2006 2 answers

help identify small light tan pill

please help identify small round light tan pill with NM over number 11. possibly 65 mg something with no breakline

Posted 3 Oct 2006 1 answer

93 3167 capsule

I just found some prescription medication in my medicine cabinet in a bottle with no lable. I'm prescribed multiple medications, and I was wondering what this particular medication was. ...

Posted 3 Aug 2006 1 answer

found pill

i found a pill that is pink and white(50/50), on the white side is the number 25. can you please help me?? thank you in advance. donaldkendricks

Posted 28 Sep 2006 2 answers

a couple pills i need help with

a torquois pill with dan 5440 on it... a white oval pill with ESH on the top nothing on the bottom and another white oval pill with 93-400 on it can anyone help me find out wut these are please was ...

Posted 5 May 2006 1 answer

Need Identification for B730

I have a round, beige pill with "B" imprinted on one side, and "730" on the other

Posted 17 Oct 2006 1 answer

small white pill

thanks so much to the person that replpied so quickly to my last entry. I also have one other pill that I cannot identify. i am hoping someone can help me with it. It is a small round white pill. It ...

Posted 25 Sep 2006 1 answer

Found some pills in son's room. help identify

found 8 little round white pills one side has nothing on it the other side is scored in half the top says 381 and on the bottom is sort of lower case b also found several other round slightly bigger ...

Posted 26 Aug 2006 1 answer

white pill with tec and 145 right under tec

I have a few pills that I was told were perks. They dont look like perks to me on one side it says tec and right under that the number 145 and there is a line on the other side they are a little bit ...

Posted 22 Sep 2006 2 answers

What Is It?

I was trying to find out what pill it is that I was given by a friend for my nerves. It says Mylan 186 and has a line in the middle on one side and it's blank on the other side. The pill is ...

Posted 9 Oct 2006 1 answer

found small round orange pill...

Please help me! I found a small round orange pill with (Pliva 327) on it, in my bathroom on the floor after teenagers were over for pizza with my son, No one seems to want to admit it's theirs. ...

Posted 4 Sep 2006 1 answer

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