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help me id these pills

I found a bottle of pills that had several different kinds. One is white, round, scored, and on other side has the word PLIVA and numbers 433. Another pill is bigger, white, round with numbers 2410 ...

Posted 27 Oct 2006 2 answers

need 2 pills ID?

I found some pills in my sons pants pocket and would apprecite any help finding out what exactly they are. One type is a pink round pill with 634 on one side and it almost looks like a ribbon on the ...

Posted 24 Nov 2006 1 answer

white oblong pills?

i found some white oblong pills with m357 on one side & the other side is blank. what are they for? please help!

Posted 21 Nov 2006 1 answer

Pill identification

I need to indentify a pill that is white, round and has the markings GG on top then there is a line in the middle with 80 below the GG. PLEASE HELP! Amanda Wagner

Posted 23 Nov 2006 1 answer

White pill with an E with a square around it

Hi everyone, and thanks for looking into this post. A friend found a pill her son had, and is hoping I can help her identify it. Color: white Shape: round Imprint: E with a square around it I am ...

Posted 14 Nov 2006 4 answers

Pill ID

White Pill with number 44 533? mab

Posted 27 Nov 2006 1 answer

purple pills found in sons room

I have searched and not been able to identify the purple pills that I found in my sons dresser drawer. They are a bright purple with the imprint BMP 208 on one side with nothing on the other they are ...

Posted 10 Oct 2006 2 answers

green capsule w/watson on one side and small numbe

anyone know what this is ? I found it.

Posted 19 Oct 2006 5 answers

93 39 bright orange capsule

Does anyone know what it is?

Posted 5 Jul 2005 1 answer

long blue pill with 347 imprinted on it

it is a rectanguar shaped pill with the number 347 on it

Posted 17 Apr 2006 2 answers

Need Pill ID

Round, White, single score, 477 (imprint). Thanks Tom

Posted 3 Dec 2006 1 answer

oblong pills

i got some white oblong pills from a friend with m357 on one side. he said that there musle relaxers is that true? please help!

Posted 21 Nov 2006 1 answer

what pill is this

I found around white pill. One side it says pvk 250 other side gg 949. I is about 3/8 inches across

Posted 25 Oct 2006 1 answer


Little yellow tablet with "SP" on one side and "03" on the other. My guess is ASA 81mg EC. But not sure. Thank you. h.

Posted 13 Nov 2006 2 answers

pill id

I found a pill with 93 imprinted on one side and 148 on the other side, light peach in color and caplet shaped. Can someone tell me what it is? Thanks.

Posted 7 Oct 2006 1 answer

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