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what is this pill? i think my husband is addicted!

what is this pill it is peach colored is shaped like an egg and has an hour glass on 1 half of the pill and 4332 on the other half!! please help!! brandi sumia

Posted 7 Dec 2006 1 answer

small white pill

small what pill round, one side M the other side T7? please help me

Posted 7 Jan 2007 1 answer

identify pill

round blue pill with 15 on one side and E 652 on the other

Posted 8 Jan 2007 1 answer

white pill marked GG 80

can anyone identify

Posted 13 Dec 2006 1 answer

found a little blue pill

it's small, blue, and oblong. it has the marking SL. anyone know what it is?

Posted 6 Dec 2006 2 answers

round. blueish green pill. imprinted with A 214

i am trying to idendify a pill i found. It is a small, round pill, imprinted with the letter A at the top of one side and on the same side at the bottom it has the numbers 214. If you can identify ...

Posted 31 Dec 2006 1 answer

white oblong pill with 93 and 15 marked on it

anyone know what this pill could be?? the marking are 93 and 15

Posted 27 Nov 2006 1 answer

small, white, round pill with V on it

I have heard my son is on steroids. I found some small, white, round pills in his room with a V imprinted on it. It is not valium i know this. I Live in the United States if that matters. Any help ...

Posted 30 Apr 2006 1 answer


What is a M360?? Jessika

Posted 8 Apr 2006 5 answers


Found a pill in son room need to know what it is if anyone can help pill is white round it has T7 with a line in the middle of the pill and under that PS the pill is about the size of a nickel thank ...

Posted 15 Jan 2007 1 answer

white pill.

It's a round white pill with a 'G' on one side and '2444' on the other. I think it may be something generic becuase I can't find it at all.

Posted 2 Jan 2007 1 answer

small, white, round

Acquired several of these small, white, round little pills. One side reads "T0 25" and the other side has a capital G. Fearin Jail, but Crack sales have got me livin well. Suicidal ...

Posted 31 Dec 2006 2 answers

Tiny,White,Round, w/ G on one side & L 10 on othe

so I will put the desc better here. Tiny, white, round, pill w/ G on one side and then on the other side is a L with a 10 under it. ANy ideas on what it is. Thankyou!

Posted 10 Jan 2007 1 answer

round, yellowish pill

i have a pill that i cant identify. it is round, yellowish, is split on one side with a Z on top and four numbers on the bottom, and has a 5 with a line under it on the other side. if anyone can help ...

Posted 12 Jan 2007 1 answer

Identify a Pill

Round blue pill with ETH on one side and 344 on the other. What is this?

Posted 9 Jan 2007 1 answer

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