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pill identification

Please help identify large round white pill with "A 266" on one side and nothing on the other side. Thanks Vicki Whits

Posted 23 Nov 2006 1 answer

can you help me identify this pill?

so, i found a few of these pills. they are white, oblong, and in the center, they have what looks like a circle, an O or 0 with a diagonal line cutting through it. they have nothing else on them. ...

Posted 11 Dec 2006 1 answer

What is purple oval pill with PAL written on side

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me identify a pill that is purple oval with PAL written on one side and i believe 032 on the other.

Posted 25 Oct 2006 2 answers

Pill Identification

I have located a round white pill, scored on one side and the letters AMO on the reverse side. The letters are printed with the "A" on top and the "MO" underneath. Can anyone help ...

Posted 2 Dec 2006 1 answer

Pill ID

found a white round pill in my sons bedroom would like to know what it is the imprint has V 4211 on it psf

Posted 3 Dec 2006 1 answer

small yellow scored pill 437

PLease help me identify a small yellow scored round pill with 437 on one side. Thanks

Posted 4 Nov 2006 1 answer

what is this small round blue pill?

I was wondering what this pill is. It is small, round, blueish in color, has an 80 on one side and E710 on the other. Please identify for me.

Posted 18 Nov 2006 1 answer

white oval pill with the number 359 on back side

oval shaped white pill scored directly in the middle and on the reverse side there are the numbers 359 i think it is generic hydrocodone but i don't know what strength. Thank you. Danielle Smith

Posted 26 Oct 2006 1 answer

watson 794

i found some blue caplets that say watson 794 10mg on them. what are they.

Posted 1 Aug 2006 1 answer

44 over 159 pill found

i have found a pill with 44 over 159. it is white and round. Does anyone know what this may be. I tried the search but was unsuccessful. Thank you!

Posted 14 Nov 2006 1 answer

Small round terracotta coloured pill marked with '

Can anyone help me identify this JMcL

Posted 20 Nov 2006 1 answer

small mustard orange football imprint 499

please help ID small mustard orange football only imprinted on one side 499 TIA

Posted 29 Nov 2006 1 answer

Peach unscored round pill

Ok I have this pill it is peach colored it is round and contains the engraving ZEE on the front and P/A on the back Can anyone identify this pill?

Posted 27 Nov 2006 1 answer

small,round,light blue pill,"A 155" on one side

i have small light blue pills, round, with "A 155" imprinted on one side.The A is on top of 155. Anyone know what it is?

Posted 18 Aug 2006 1 answer

I found a pill in my daughters room

I found a pill in my daughters room and i don't know what it is. It is small, round, white, blank on one side, and has the markings 44/198. I really need your help! I dont want her to hurt ...

Posted 15 Nov 2006 1 answer

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