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Capsule ID

Yellow & Blue Capsule inscribed with WYETH 389

Posted 25 Jan 2007 1 answer

Please help id - White small round pill w/ 54 262

This small round white pill has 54 262 printed on only one side. Any idea what this is?

Posted 7 Nov 2006 1 answer

Blue & clear capsule, imprinted E 1304, tiny wh...

Half Blue & Half clear capsule imprinted E 1304 on both blue & clear parts, inside the clear part of the capsule are tiny tiny white balls!

Posted 29 Oct 2006 1 answer

Z 2083

small pick pill with z and 2083 on it??

Posted 8 Aug 2006 1 answer

peach football imprint i think 32 one side 93 othe

I'm trying to figure out what this pill is, someone told me that it is oxycontin but i can't find anything like it at all. they were peach football shaped pills and i think, but am not ...

Posted 3 Nov 2006 1 answer

round yellow scored pill 98 (or 93) top 293 bottom

found: round yellow scored pill 98 (or 93... i cant tell it looks pretty old) top 293 bottom. scored on one side, blank on the other help?

Posted 20 Dec 2006 1 answer

Identify this pill round, pink WW 112

this pill is round, pink, with WW over the number 112. Titus Hicks

Posted 14 Feb 2005 1 answer

yellow oval pilled that says L 103 or I 103

Can someone please tell me what pill this is: it's a yellow oval pill that says L 103 on it or I 103. Thanks so much, I'm having a hard time finding this information out.

Posted 24 Jan 2007 1 answer

white oblong pill 331

need to know what white oblong pill with 331 impressed on one side is. is there a search function on this board for pill numbers? thanks

Posted 31 Dec 2006 1 answer

Please help identify

I found a small round white pill with the numbers 502 on one side and the only thing on the other side is a line I guess where it can be broke in half. Does anyone know what this might be?

Posted 24 Jan 2007 1 answer

White circular M A21 pills

They are round, with arched tops, white in color. They have a M on one side (the Signature M for the pharm company Mylan) and a A 21 on the other side. I could not ID it on this site, altough there ...

Posted 26 Oct 2006 1 answer

Small white pill

I need to know what a small white round pill with MB on the top half and 125 on the bottom. Thanks

Posted 25 Jan 2007 1 answer

round white pill ko

found a round white pill with imprint ko k witha arrow like tip

Posted 17 Oct 2006 1 answer

Pill ID 1/20/2007

I'm trying to find the identification of some pills I found in my son's room. They are small, round, white pills with E 29 imprinted on the pill. THe E is on top and the 29 is on the ...

Posted 21 Jan 2007 1 answer

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