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Round White pill 54 592?

I found this round white pill and don't know what it is. Can anyone help me identify it? I already tried the pill identifier. It is round white with the numbers 54 592 imprinted in in black.

Posted 29 May 2007 1 answer

small white pill with 570 and s with a \ through it on the other

any idea what it is?

Posted 26 Feb 2007 1 answer

Round White Pill N 25 On Front, Scored On Back?

Round White Pill, Scored Into 4 Sections On Back, N Over 25 On Front??

Posted 23 May 2007 1 answer

what is this.

i have a pill with the letters 'barr' & numbers '555/444' on it and i am trying to find out info on it.

Posted 16 May 2007 2 answers

Found in neice's purse white round rx7

:mad: :mad: Hi I need help it is a white round pill rx7 on one side nothing on the other are these lorazapam

Posted 25 Apr 2007 1 answer

yellow round pill mp657 imprint what is it

wondering what a round yellow pill with the imprint mp 657 is thanx

Posted 25 Feb 2007 2 answers

round orange 'P1'

can someone help id this? it is a round darkish orange pill with P1 as the only markings. thanks. p.s. i'm almost 100% sure its not a contraceptive, but that was all i was able to find on it.

Posted 9 May 2007 1 answer

what is this pill?

We found a duffle bag in the bushes containing these pills inside. They were pretty big, white oblong shaped, with a sideways bowtie and the #'s 4444 on them. I think it had 800 on the on the ...

Posted 22 May 2007 1 answer

round white pill need help

I found this white pill one side25/25/ down below that is 50/ 50/ other side is MP 168 please help

Posted 28 May 2007 1 answer

Orange-yellow and has a 2416 printed on it capsule

Orange-yellow and has a 2416 printed on it capsule

Posted 19 May 2007 1 answer

yellow/round pill w/slanted E 63

Can someone help me identify this pill? It is small and scored on the back. Thanks;)

Posted 31 Mar 2007 1 answer

? name of pill

oblong capsule first part light green second half darker green each half has numbers 93 over 3123 is a generic for omnicef and if so what strength

Posted 17 May 2007 3 answers

Cx A imprint, orange oblong pill

oblong orange pill, one side has the imprint Cx A, other side nothing. can anyone help?

Posted 14 May 2007 3 answers

Round white L373 only identifying mark

Found this pill in teen's room. It's round white L373 only identifying mark. The top and bottom sides are slightly rounded up, but it's mainly flat.

Posted 6 May 2007 2 answers

Pill identifier

Does anyone know what a round yellow pill with a letter M on the front and a c 13 on the back I have no idea. thanks

Posted 13 May 2007 1 answer

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