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Round, White. One side ETH, other side 341

This was in my mother's latest prescription bottle, but it is not anything like the previous pills of the same prescription. There was no note saying this may be a generic substitution or the ...

Posted 29 May 2007 2 answers

white tums sized round with 44 and 532 imprint

the 44 is above the half line, the 532 is below.

Posted 22 May 2007 1 answer

light green, round w/ c-c on top 102 on bottom

I was told it was valium but cannot find it on any pill identifier page.

Posted 9 Apr 2007 3 answers

Round Yellow Pill ?

I need to know what this pill is. It's round, yellow and has the folllowing on it TL 115 and nothing on the other side

Posted 11 May 2007 1 answer

Very pink pill cor 135 one side/ imprint on other

I found 2 very pink pills that are round with COr 135 on one side and the imprint of a cross or x on the back. Can anyone help id these? They were in my little sister's room and I am very ...

Posted 16 Dec 2006 2 answers

Found a pill in my son's room

I have found a round white pill with GG (ON TOP) THEN A LINE AND THEN 190 (ON THE BOTTOM) I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS... PLEASE HELP!

Posted 19 May 2007 1 answer

beige/blue capsule 'parke davis'

hello everyone, found a capsule today, its half beige and half blue, on both side is only "PARKE DAVIS", nothing else :-( what could this be? thx, best regards, yxtra

Posted 15 May 2007 1 answer

yellow round pill 445 on one side eth on the other

i found this pill in my husband truck and i wanna know what it is b4 i flip out on him

Posted 22 Mar 2007 1 answer

Help with a round pill

My sister has a pill problem, and we have found some new pills in her room and want to know what this could be that she is taking. I have been searching everywhere and cannot find any info on this. ...

Posted 20 May 2007 2 answers

White pill with A on one side. 1 and 4 on the other.

Please ignore my last post. i didnt see the pill clearly. it actually has an A on one side. 1 and 4 on the other. Its white colored

Posted 30 Apr 2007 1 answer

white oval pink specks watson 3202

Please help! Thanks bunches

Posted 6 Jan 2005 1 answer

pill id

has 32 on side and 93 on the other color is kind of beige orange oval shape thanks

Posted 6 Jun 2007 1 answer

Blue Round W/swirl 1

Little Light Blue (or Gray) Round Pill, One Side Has A Swirl, Something Like A Cursive L Or A Twisted Ribbon, (magnetic Bumper Stickers Also Has This Symbol, Example- "support Our Troops, ...

Posted 30 May 2007 2 answers


I am trying to identify a very large bottle of pills that I THINK are potassium. oblong, white with a stylized "E" (For Eon?) so the imprint looks like "E145" blank on the other ...

Posted 9 Jun 2007 3 answers

Round, white pill, quadrisected with Abbott 44

Round, white pill, quadrisected with Abbott 44 on the reverse. the 44 may be a"A4" or "AA". Thank you in advance for your help.:cool:

Posted 1 Jun 2007 2 answers

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