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Please help identify this

Ive used this site a million times and have never had a problem identifying a pill before. Ive recently stumbled upon a small, round white pill blank on one side and on the other an A scored over a ...

Posted 31 May 2007 1 answer

Oval Shaped Blue Pill Imprinted W/ The # 347

I am trying to identify this pill... it is a blue, capsule-shaped pill that is imprinted w/ the # 347. Could someone please help me identify this?

Posted 18 Mar 2007 1 answer

pink pill WL 25 on one side B on other side?

please help me id this pill, it is kind of oblong someone thought it a ritilin? unsure wl 25 one side a B on the other with a cirle around the b thanks suzanh[?] thanks for helping me out s.h.

Posted 4 Oct 2005 1 answer

Need an ID on a pill I found

I found a small white round pill that is scored. The numbers on it are 54 on top and then 899 on the bottom of the same side if you turn it round it reads 668 on top with the numbers 54 underneath ...

Posted 19 May 2007 1 answer

Whats this pill.' rph M12' inscribe on pill.

I am wondering whats this type of pill!! I found in medicine cabinet with no label on bottle. Its white and round with a line threw middle with this writting on it. "rph M12".

Posted 18 Apr 2007 1 answer

Pill verification and usage

Blue oval imprinted with B 972 and 1 0. Think it is Generic Aderall:confused:

Posted 26 Apr 2007 1 answer

round orange pill rx 791

Poison control and pharmacy has no ID for drug. A round orange pill with inscription rx 791. may be for hypertension, diabetes or schizophrenia? :confused:

Posted 18 Apr 2007 1 answer

what is orange pill

what is a orangeish round pill with numbers 44 392? does anyone have any idea sure could use some help asap can,t find on any search. thanks

Posted 11 May 2007 1 answer

Blue and Green Capsule with Lilly 3237

What is this blue green capsule with lily 3237 imprinted/

Posted 19 Jan 2007 1 answer

small maroon pill with "E" on one side

the number "30" is imprinted on the other side. the pill is about the size of a mini M&M.

Posted 1 Feb 2007 4 answers

found a white oval pill with S 741 ?

can anyone help me identify it? the S (kind of large & looks like script lettering) is on the left... with a line down the middle and the 741 is on the right...

Posted 10 Apr 2007 2 answers

White round pill with an r on one side...

My friend gave me a white round pill with an r on top and a w and other smudged letters on the other side. it made me feel stupid and dumb(kind of dizzy and numb). I really want to know what it is ...

Posted 30 Apr 2007 1 answer

Help ID imprint of an underscored P

I found this pill while cleaning the house today and I can't seem to find a proper ID on it anywhere. If anyone could help I would be very grateful. The pill is oblong/oval in shape and is ...

Posted 24 May 2007 1 answer

anyone know this pill?

its a white pill with the iprint "L484" on one side and the other side is blank its a oblong shape too does anyone know what it is?

Posted 21 May 2007 1 answer

Anyone Know Id Of Little Red Capsule With Gg Over 580?

Appreciate a reply as soon as possible! Thanks!:)

Posted 26 May 2007 1 answer

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