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round white pills`

2 pills to identify. small round white pill. imprint front split. zc on top 01 on bottom one round white pill imprint front RDY 344 no imprint back

Posted 27 Feb 2007 1 answer

Orange Pill 44-393

Can you tell me what this is??

Posted 4 Apr 2006 1 answer

Round Pill West-Werd 477

its kinda orangy rusty color kinda like the color of diazapam .6 mg it has a score on oneside to break it in half and the other size it says West werd and 477 under neath it

Posted 28 Feb 2007 1 answer

GG 225

please id: white round pill with GG __ 225

Posted 22 Nov 2006 1 answer

FoundAPill PleaseHelpID EastIndiaTradingCo

CanYouHelpMeIDpill?JesusEinsteinGhandiMLKjrSalkEtc ... --- padawan7x7 - Just wanted to know what the pill I found in front yard is - it may have been dropped by family, neighbor or stranger - not ...

Posted 2 Apr 2007 1 answer

what kind of pill is this?

can you please help me i found a pill thats blue, football shaped,one side is blank,the otherside has the letter L and 368 can you please tell me what kind of pill is this?

Posted 20 Sep 2006 1 answer

need help to identify pill

shape: round color: light blue inscriptions: 64 with a symbol that kinda looks like a capital E above the 64. Has line through middle on opposite side.

Posted 4 Apr 2007 1 answer

Small Green Pill

Trying to find out what kind of pill this is... it is small, light green, round, scored in half and has an 8 or an A at the top, (can't tell to save my life) and 214 on the bottom of the score. ...

Posted 16 Mar 2007 1 answer

Red/turquoise capsule

This pill was found in our school building and I need help identifying it. It is a capsule that is red and turquoise with a thin white band in the middle. It is imprinted into the gelatin of the ...

Posted 7 Mar 2007 1 answer

need toidentify

i have a pill that says dan dan 5443 on it. it is round and biege in color. can anyone identify it? thank u

Posted 4 Apr 2007 1 answer

Yellow Round

Looking for help in identifying the following: Yellow Round 93 --- 832 On one side - Any ideas? Thanks!

Posted 29 Mar 2007 2 answers

capsule - dk green/light green

I have capsule type pill - color is dark green and light green. the markings on the pill look like E613. can anyone identify? thanks

Posted 4 Apr 2007 1 answer

pink pill WL 25 on one side B on other side?

please help me id this pill, it is kind of oblong someone thought it a ritilin? unsure wl 25 one side a B on the other with a cirle around the b thanks suzanh[?] thanks for helping me out s.h.

Posted 4 Oct 2005 1 answer

What is this pill?

It is oblong and white on the front it has a large V (think it is vicodin) On the back it has 35 / 92 but I had a muscle relaxer with a v on the front and I have gotten them mixed up.

Posted 27 Mar 2007 1 answer

lt/green oblong/rectangular 213 on 1 side

:confused: lt green oblong/rectangular pill one side says ETHEX the other has the #213 with a indent down the middle of the pill

Posted 22 Feb 2007 1 answer

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