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Help with identifing pill

Under our bed, I have found an oblong dark blue pill that says OC on one side and 160 on the other side. Please tell me that it's not 160mg oxycontin. I didn't even think they made that ...

Posted 13 Jul 2007 1 answer

Round pill top half white with L126 bottom half is blue

Please I hope someone can help :) Tks

Posted 1 Apr 2007 1 answer

Please help identify

White oval?oblong pill with V on front and 4212 on back The 4 is questionable. Thank you in advance Anne

Posted 28 Jul 2007 1 answer

White Round (MZ 200) pill.

I have found a bottle of pills in a Garden bed in Metro Adelaide(Australia). On one side is a G like this one - On the other side is a break line ...

Posted 14 Jun 2007 2 answers

need help.white 48/93

HI,could not identify this pill i found. it is white and oval shaped with the markings,48 on one side and 93 on the other.any help is appriciated,thanks.

Posted 25 Jul 2007 1 answer

need help identifying capsule-shaped tablet

tan/beige with 018 underscored imprinted. I assume the underscore means the number is 018, but inverted it's 810 with a bar above.

Posted 22 Jul 2007 1 answer

white round pill w/ L535 printed in black?

Please help identify

Posted 3 Jul 2007 3 answers

blue tablet 44 367 HELP

Please help ID these tablets for me. blue tablet 44 367 smooth on the other side bubble wrapped 2 pills per does (I assume) Made in Happauge NY contains 25 mg. of hydrochloride. This is all I can ...

Posted 28 Jul 2006 1 answer

Id Pweez

Hi there. I have had this pill for about 2 years now & I honestly don't know what it is & not sure why I still have it after so long. Hope someone can help me. It's white,scored ...

Posted 28 Jul 2007 2 answers


:confused:Tan round shaped pills with these imprints... z 2083 there is also a scored line in the middle of the pill !

Posted 24 Jul 2007 1 answer

round red with L 227 imprint

any ideas? I haven't been able to track it down. It's about the size of a red M and M. Thank you!

Posted 24 Jun 2007 1 answer

Capsule: white/yellow Ethex 041

hello: I hope I'm doing this right. I'm new to the board. I have this capsule that I'd like to know what it is. It is white and yellow. On it is 'Ethex' and '041'. ...

Posted 2 Jul 2007 3 answers

Help me! identfy a pill i have, new to this site :)

:mad: Hi friends! What a great site this is!! I REALLY NEED HELP in indentifing a pill I found. I was told its a generic oxycotin used for a pain reliever. They said its a 40mg dose and it is the ...

Posted 11 Jul 2007 1 answer

WATSON 387 white oblong tablet

white scores with watson 387 need id please. thanks duncan duncan bracey

Posted 26 Feb 2005 1 answer

What is this?

A white round pill with the inprint on front G468C 879? Any clues

Posted 17 Jul 2007 1 answer

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