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red and orange mystery capsule - please help!!

I found a bottle with a bunch of orange and red pills in my sons room. They are gel capsules that are half orange and half red, however they can be cut in half and are solid white on the inside. The ...

Posted 13 Jun 2007 1 answer

GG 225 white round pill

i fount a pill that is white round gg and underneath it is 225.. Jessica

Posted 30 Mar 2005 2 answers

White oval/oblong pill with E 139 on 1 side

please help. thank you

Posted 18 Feb 2007 1 answer

White Oblong Pill 'L484' Imprint & White Oblong Pill 'Watson/

Someone know what these two are??

Posted 27 Mar 2007 1 answer

blue pill imprint ETH/ 343

blue pill imprint ETH/ 343 found it just wondering if anyone new wut it was

Posted 19 Jan 2007 5 answers

Small round light blue pill

this pill is small, round, light blue, scored on one side with a number one and the other side is not scored with the number 274 on it. Thank you

Posted 1 May 2007 2 answers

orange round pill w/625 one side and ETH on the other

Please identify this pill. Thanks!

Posted 15 May 2007 1 answer

Round, Brown, 'I-2' one side

Found in my sons room.:( We have all kinds of meds in the house. everything from herbal breath aids and other herbal remidies to pills for gout and anti-inflamitory. So not sure if it came from ...

Posted 29 May 2007 4 answers

ABG and 40 yellow pill

I have a yellow orangish small round pill that says 40 on one side and on the other side it says ABG. A friend of mine says that it is a generic form of an ocycontin 40mg. It does look like an ...

Posted 21 Jun 2005 1 answer

Thick reddish pink pill w/ basketball player

I found this in my son's room. It is round, kind of thick, and has a picture of what looks like a basketball player jumping with his legs spread apart and reaching out with both hands. Can ...

Posted 23 May 2007 5 answers

Yellow pill with WATSON 853 on it?

Found in my son's room. Please help. queent

Posted 30 May 2007 1 answer

pill 770

can u name this pill it's white skinny oblong with a 770 on it

Posted 18 Jun 2007 1 answer

Round Pink 201 Imprint

this pill is round pink and on one side has 201 printed and on the back has DON then a bisecting line and INE on the other half. any help would be very much appreciated :)

Posted 27 Mar 2007 1 answer

Small gold pill - 9 3 on one side, 7114 on back?

Small gold pill - 9 3 on one side with a line between the numbers, 7114 on back? Can anyone identify this pill? Thanks:rolleyes:

Posted 9 Jun 2007 1 answer

what is a white pill med. sized with L167 on it?

I'm looking to identify a white medium sized pill,with L167 on it, dropped from my teenager sons' coat in my house. what is a medium sized white pill with L167 on it?

Posted 7 Feb 2007 1 answer

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