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Small, white, round pill.

I have a small, round, white pill with M in a square on one side and then 03 and 52 on the other side. What is this pill? Please help! :confused:

Posted 31 Mar 2007 2 answers

tan oval pill 25 oneside A otherside ,what is it?

my pharmacist gave me wrong pills tan maybe yellowish oval no cross 25 on 1 side and the letter A on other help me

Posted 6 Aug 2007 1 answer

peach pill round RDY 343 on one side

it is also scored on the other side

Posted 5 Feb 2007 1 answer

yellow pill

my son brought home a yellow oval pill with the numbers gg261 on it. he was told it was a xanex but i could not id it. anyone have any idea? thanks

Posted 30 Jul 2007 2 answers

round aqua colored pill

Round aqua colored, with a line through the center on one side and on the other Mylan and 477? Also, capsule colred tan on one side and pink on the other with APO on one side and 020 on the other?

Posted 22 Jul 2007 1 answer

Need pill id

i found a small round white pill, number on front is 467, only line accross back please help me id asap

Posted 24 Aug 2007 1 answer

ID my pill

This pill is white, oblong, about 17.5 mm long, 7.3 mm wide. Imprinted on one side with the number "44 175". No other marking whatsoever. If anyone can offer some input it would be ...

Posted 12 Aug 2007 1 answer

pink capsule A 270

Don,t have a clue what this is..any ideas..Thank You

Posted 17 Aug 2007 1 answer

I need an pill ID'ed

I found this tablet on my son, would someone please tell me what it is. it is a pale yellow, six-sided and has W906 stamped on it.

Posted 14 Aug 2007 1 answer

id this round gray pill 30 on side 1/ E653 side 2

Please help me id this pill that is round, gray in color, has 30 on one side and E 653 on the other side. Found in teenagers coat pocket and need to know what it is! Please Help.

Posted 13 Jun 2007 2 answers

help identifying pills

:confused: brown/clay color round pill with only I-2 imprint. does anybody know what this is? :confused:also white round pill w/imprint 771. does anybody know what this is?

Posted 21 Jul 2007 1 answer

'Small Pink Oval with WL 25 & B'

I am looking for anyone who may have information on this pill I found in my sons pants. I can not seem to find it anywhere. If someone could please help me out I would be greatful. Small Pink Pill ...

Posted 10 Jun 2007 1 answer

Round Muscle Relaxer Tablet with M Imprint?

I got a prescription a few years ago for a muscle relaxant which worked very good for me. Unfortunately my doctor's office misplaced that one page from my file, and the local pharmacy that ...

Posted 5 Jul 2007 2 answers

sm. bright blue capsule, 2mg imprinted on it

This is a small bright blue capsule. The only marking is 2 MG imprinted on one-half of the capsule. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Posted 16 Jul 2007 1 answer

green and clear capsule, printed AKS and 50/845

can anyone help me identify a green and clear capsule, inside is white and green. AKS is printed on it, and also 50/845. here's a ...

Posted 24 Jul 2007 1 answer

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