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round pink A 02

Hey I can't figure out what this pill is. It's round, pink, on one side has an A (although it's a funny looking one with the top rounded) and 02 on the other side. It doesn't have ...

Posted 12 Jul 2007 3 answers

help me id this pill please.

it's an oblong pill that is red on top silver in the middle and blue on the bottom. there is an L on the top red part and a 5 on the bottom blue part.

Posted 10 Aug 2007 1 answer

Help id this pill - green capsule, mylan 147 ?

I found a pill in my son's pocket and it is a green capsule and it says mylan 147 on it. Please help me.

Posted 13 Mar 2007 2 answers

SL 342 white pill

I have a white pill that is oblong and with the letters and numbers on it SL|342, what is it and what is it for. thanks m.a.

Posted 26 Apr 2006 1 answer

Rugby 3874

Small round pink pill i cant find it on any site

Posted 4 Jul 2007 1 answer

red & yellow capsule

I need identification for a capsule that is half red and half Yellowish-cream. It has no markings on it at all. I think my son has been taking them, so I am worried about what they are. Please help?

Posted 18 Jun 2007 1 answer

diet pills? brown/clear capsule E5254

I believe these are diet pills but I am looking for confirmation. 1st is a brown/clear capsule with reddish/orange writing E5254 2nd is a small yellow round pill with a T on one side and 3/5 on the ...

Posted 20 Apr 2007 1 answer

small oblong white pill, 15 on one side 93 on other

i was told it was a 7.5mg hydrocodone... kinda skeptical small oblong white pill, 15 printed on one side 93 printed on the other

Posted 23 Apr 2007 2 answers

PLease Identify, Yellow pill/W 766

Ok, i would really like to know what this pill is. I let a friend stay at my place and they must have dropped this pill. I know they dont have any medical issues or any prescriptions because we are ...

Posted 25 Jul 2007 2 answers

Yellow, oblong pill with A 211

I need help identifying a pill I found. It is oblong, yellow, and has A 211 on it. Thanks.

Posted 24 Apr 2007 1 answer

Small, white, round pill.

I have a small, round, white pill with M in a square on one side and then 03 and 52 on the other side. What is this pill? Please help! :confused:

Posted 31 Mar 2007 2 answers

what is this yellow pill shape (=|=|=) 15mg

what is this yellow pill shape (=|=|=) 15mg?

Posted 14 Jul 2007 3 answers

Need Help With Round Blue Pill Marked PM

Thanks in advance.

Posted 27 Jul 2007 1 answer

Yellow round pill with Triangle in a circle and number 100

I found some pills and I'm keen to know what they are - can't find them on any sites. Any ideas... Thanks :)

Posted 13 Jul 2007 1 answer

Please ID blue oblong pill w/ 44-473 on side

Can't find any info on it.

Posted 10 May 2006 1 answer

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