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title says it, it's round, about 1/3 of an inch, not coated, light yellow, TEC on one side (in caps), an indented line through the middle on the other thx!-if anyone knows!

Posted 26 Jul 2007 1 answer

Help please - 'Stagesic'?

I found a white capusle, only thing on it is Stagesic. Anyone know what it its ?

Posted 3 Aug 2007 1 answer

two pills to identify!

i'm not very good at describing things and these pills are hard to desribe so bear with me! :confused: the first pill is very small and round and white, it has an "E" on it and ...

Posted 21 Jul 2007 1 answer

10 mm diam, round, white, imprint 'I-2' (or 1-2 ?)

I would appreciate an identification of these pills. They are 10 mm diam, round, white, imprinted with "I-2" on one surface. The imprint possibly is number "1", but it looks like ...

Posted 9 Jul 2007 2 answers

watson 749

I need to know what this pill is. If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Posted 1 May 2007 1 answer

round orange pill with "P" on one side

P is the only imprint. the other side is completely blank. no lines or anything. its roughly the size of an M&M. am i allowed to post a picture? thaks.

Posted 1 Feb 2007 2 answers

rectangler-ovoid w/ MP 85

This pill is beige/tan and scored down the middle - imprinted on half of the scored side with MP (there is no space between the M and P. The stem of the P is made by the right down stroke of the M. ...

Posted 24 Jul 2007 2 answers

blue oval pill 7176

Someone gave me this pill and Im not sure what it is. It's just a little bigger than a blue xanax football, says 7176 on one side and the other side has a line down the middle and a 9 one the ...

Posted 21 Apr 2007 1 answer

TRM 50 Green and Yellow Capsule

Green and yellow capsule with"TRM" on the green side and "50" on the opposite (yellow) side. Thank you in advance!:confused:

Posted 11 Jun 2007 1 answer

Help id pill

round dark rusty orange pill with the imprint I-2 on one side nothing on the other side please help id. Thanks

Posted 23 Jul 2007 1 answer

cor 103 white round pill

i found a white round pill with "cor 103" does anyone know what this is?

Posted 13 May 2005 1 answer

Round pill top half white with L126 bottom half is blue

Please I hope someone can help :) Tks

Posted 1 Apr 2007 1 answer

help small white pill with 'M' (not in a box) on one side '2&quot

i got a small white round pill M on one side 2 on the other. What is this? thanks

Posted 4 Jul 2007 2 answers

pill info needed

does anyone know what a white blue specked pill with the imprints [C-C] 232 is?

Posted 31 Jul 2007 1 answer

Pill I.D.

White, round pill with WPI 339 printed in black. Does anyone know what this is?

Posted 26 Jul 2007 1 answer

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