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Need the name of this pills

well i have a image of these maybe you can help knwo ehat is the name ... i really apreciatte your help:

Posted 29 Aug 2007 1 answer

round pink pill with 5884

please help id this pill it is scored on one side with D the greek symbol for Pi and then a N and on the other side of the score there is a 20. the other side of the pill has 5884. I dont know if its ...

Posted 13 May 2007 1 answer

identifying pills

I found these pills in our bathroom, but I don't know what they are. I belive they belong to my husbands cousin who was staying with us, but I don't want to ask just in case it's ...

Posted 13 Aug 2007 1 answer

what is this small yellow pill?

It is scored with E on top and 76 on the bottom. I think it's a diet pill but what kind? Can somebody help me identify it?

Posted 21 Aug 2007 1 answer

need to know what this pill is

It is a small white, round pill that has 10 on one side and the other side has a F and a line down the center then a L on it... what is it?

Posted 30 Aug 2007 1 answer

Need help identifying double capsuled drug outside clear with red band

I have found a clear capsule with a red band and a clear capsule inside with blue beads in it. There is a yellowish liquid inside the clear capsule with the clear capsule with blue beads inside it ...

Posted 11 Aug 2007 2 answers

Help ID my pill

Can anyone ID my pill? It's round about 10mm yellowish imprinted "WATSON 820" and a score on the other side. If you can help, it would be appreciated. Thanks, VinnRx

Posted 11 Aug 2007 1 answer

Capsule with 'M' in circle & 532 on it

The capsule is red and beige (tan).

Posted 30 Aug 2007 2 answers

small orange pill 'eth' one side 625 other

what is this

Posted 21 Jun 2007 1 answer

imprints A 260, triangle white pill?

Can anyone help me figure out what this pill is? Imprints A 260 are on one side the other side is blank, triangle shape, and it is white. Thanks

Posted 30 Aug 2007 1 answer

help identify this pill

i recently moved and found a baggie with some white pills with a "V" on them there was nothing else on it. it was about as round as a rolaid pill but not as thick.

Posted 5 Aug 2007 4 answers

Need help with a pill..

Its very small... round.. white.. with a 4 on one side and either a W or M on the other.. son claims he found it and someone said it maybe morphine? thanks in advance

Posted 31 Aug 2007 1 answer

Help me ID this pill please

I found a small round peach pill with the imprint E71 on it, does anyone know what this is?

Posted 30 Aug 2007 1 answer

need help to id: Round, maroon, imprint 'M' and reverse side 'PZ&

Round, maroon, imprint "M" and reverse side "PZ"

Posted 30 Aug 2007 1 answer

Round White tablet M 724

I am trying to identify a pill that is round, white, scored on one side and marked with M over the number 724. No luck finding any info on the web. Thanks.

Posted 7 Sep 2006 1 answer

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