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Need help identifying 2 types of pills!

:confused:One pill is round and white w/ 262 on one side, and scored on the other side. The other pill is a capsule, and is half pink with 25 on it and the other half is tan with barr 323 and a ...

Posted 2 Aug 2007 1 answer

Pill ID

Round, white, AN 627 inscribed

Posted 11 Aug 2007 1 answer

What is this?

Small, white, round pill made by Eon imprinted with an E over 34 and scored on the other side.

Posted 13 Aug 2007 1 answer

pill finder didnt know red& white capsule

red and white capsule says Pfizer on the red side and PGN 75 on the white side... thanks

Posted 4 Jul 2007 1 answer

small white pill watson 932 on it

what is this?

Posted 7 Jul 2007 1 answer

Pinkish oval pill with only a 'P' on it

Any ideas as to what this is? Thanks in advance.

Posted 12 Aug 2007 1 answer

Round White tablet M 724

I am trying to identify a pill that is round, white, scored on one side and marked with M over the number 724. No luck finding any info on the web. Thanks.

Posted 7 Sep 2006 1 answer

identify a pill

This pill is medium in size and round and white. This pill has no markings on it whatsoever, not even scores. I know it is a prescription pill I just have no idea what it is, if anyone has any ideas ...

Posted 25 Jul 2007 1 answer

Can't find it in the pill identifyer. Help please!!

I found a botle of pills in my daughters room. In it there were about twenty green and white capsule shaped pills with the imprints barr 159. I tried to look them up on this site and another one, but ...

Posted 10 Jul 2007 2 answers

blue (turquise?) capsule, mylon 1610

small capsule, blue (turquise?) mylon 1610 - not much else to go on, couldn't find in identifier

Posted 14 Aug 2007 1 answer

Large white pill - 93 and 537?

Large, white, oblong pill. On one side there is 93 and on the other 537. Any help is appreciated.

Posted 10 Jun 2007 1 answer

Small white pill - please help

Hi, I found a small white pill in my kids room - Side A says APO and Side B is ATE/50 or ATF/50 - Please help

Posted 21 Jul 2007 2 answers

small white pills DH 30 on one side R on other

Can anyone please help me identify a small white tablet with DH printed on one side then a dividing line and 30 underneath. On the otherside is a large R.

Posted 11 Jul 2007 1 answer

small yellow round pill

Please help me identify this small yellow round pill with "PLIVA" on one side and "563" on the other. Thank you in advance!!:confused:

Posted 28 Apr 2007 1 answer

Found Pills

I am curious about some pills I found at work, If anyone can educate me or clue me in on what they might be I would be thankfull. Its a white, round pill form, with a "WATSON 749" on it. ...

Posted 5 Aug 2007 1 answer

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