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Has anyone had any trouble switching from Aviane to Orsythia?

My pharmacy switched me to Orsythia (I had been taking Aviane) when I went to get my refill. I know they are both generics of Alesse, but since I've had such trouble in the past with birth ...

Posted 4 Feb 2012 17 answers

Xanax script stole/lost after only 5 days. 1 refill on it. will phrmcy fill it so soon?

i got my alazopram filled on the 1st at my usual pharmacy who has filled it for me for the last 3 months no problems. i took it with me out of town to see my father in the hospital and arrived home ...

Posted 4 Nov 2011 3 answers

Dosage and duration of Augmentin-625 for sinusitis?

Hi, I am in rural India and have no access to a doctor. I have chronic sinusitis and have Augmentin-625 to treat it. How many days should I take it for? I bought it at the pharmacy here - they sell ...

Posted 20 May 2012 4 answers

Generic for Vyvanse?

I am confussed because sites Lisdexamfetamine as Generic for Vyvanse, however, my pharmacy tells me that Vyvanse will not have a generic until 2023. I would like to not pay the premium ...

Posted 2 Jun 2010 1 answer

Pharmacy - Can a pharmacist ask what your diagnosis is and say she won't fill script until doctor?

... calls and tells her the diagnosis and why you take the medication. It was for 90 vicodin Es that aren't abused and only prescribed by one pain management doctor. Isn't there some ...

Posted 20 Apr 2013 13 answers

Can Robitussin AC be bought without a prescription?

I have read this on several websites and it states it also in Wikipedia. I am confused because this medicine has codeine in it, yet it says u can buy 4 ounces at the pharmacy if u are over 18? It ...

Posted 20 Aug 2011 2 answers

What is the best generic alternative to Xanax?

I was on Alprozalam from"98"-"04",but the pharmacy stopped carrying the brand(Roache),and the new generic they had was like taking candy,did nothing for anxiety.My Pshyc explained ...

Posted 13 Aug 2012 3 answers

Can concerta be cut in half to give a half dose if you run out of med in another dose/?

My son takes 72mg, and he was on 54mg, and we have some left. We only have 1 36mg left because the pharmacy shorted us 1 pill. To equal the 72mg, could I give him a 54mg, and half a 36mg to equal the ...

Posted 14 Nov 2012 2 answers

Topamax users I need some answers?

My doctor wants to start me on Topamax. I thought I would read some reviews on it first before I went to pick it up at the pharmacy. I have been reading a lot from users about memory loss. What kind ...

Posted 13 days ago 4 answers

Does 4.5mg Naltexone come in a solid pill form?

I think the compounding pharmacy gave me 50mg naltrexone instead of the 4.5 mg prescribed. I have small, peach colored pills that have a b on one side and 50/902 on the other side. It was my ...

Posted 11 days ago 2 answers

Topamax and depo shot?

I am on 25 mgs of topamax and was wondering if it would affect my depo shot (birth control)? My dr didn't say anything about it but that's what it says in the thing the pharmacy gave me not ...

Posted 28 Mar 2014 4 answers

I was told by my pharmacy that Thiothixene is no longer available is this true my husband is on the?

for many years when it was Navane and seems to keep him stable. My pharmacy is express scripts

Posted 12 days ago 1 answer

Has the manufacturer ceased production of Cenestin?

My pharmacy informed me today (4/7/14) that Cenestin is no longer produced and that they cannot fill my prescription. Is this true? If so, what are my options? Very concerned!

Posted 16 days ago 1 answer

Can switching from Junel FE 1.5/30 to Gildess FE 1.5/30 cause side effects?

Could switching from Junel FE to Gildess FE cause spotting (week after normal period, I haven't spotted since last year), cramping, upset stomach, nausea, and/or general crappiness? My pharmacy ...

Posted 9 Nov 2013 1 answer

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