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I am taking Nexium 40m because of an ulcer. How long is it necessary to take this?

... prescription? Side Effect for long term use? Thank you. V. Brown

Posted 21 Aug 2011 1 answer

Hi, Im 21 and have gerd. I started Nexium 6 days ago. How long does it take for Nexium to work?

I feel the same, im still having upper abdominal cramping and burning as well as heartburn. And what causes your stomach to make noises? Could it be the medication or something else?

Posted 14 Feb 2011 2 answers

Could I have a bone spur - I have a lump feeling in my throat?

Doc had me on 20mg nexium then changed me to 20mg 2x pd of omeprazole for gerd I have a lump feeling in throat may be bone spur. Hardly ever acid regluz. Upper gi normal What meds are better I really ...

Posted 26 Oct 2010 2 answers

What is an effective treatment for vocal nodules, and extreme hoarseness?

My ENT doctor diagnosed me with LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux) a few years ago to treat a vocal nodule.He first prescribed Nexium, but my insurance would not pay for it until I tried something else ...

Posted 29 Jun 2011 1 answer

Has anyone received any Nexium 40mg capsules or other capsules with a taste like burnt plastic?

Starting last year about every other month my Nexium tasted bad. I noticed during these times I would get gastrointestinal upset; sometimes severe. It has gotten so bad lately that I have had to go ...

Posted 21 Jun 2011 1 answer

I am eating nexium 40mg for 6 year above.i am worried abaut side effect, and I am looking for one?

... more o&g doctor give clomid to get one more, what suppose i do? should i stop the medicine? i am taking the nexium each tablet perday at night.

Posted 6 Jul 2011 2 answers

Hip joint, shoulder joint and knee pain?

I took nexium for a long time and the pain started last year. I have to take Advil for pain relief to sleep sometimes. l am now prescribed Nexilant. Could this be from the medicine?

Posted 1 Jun 2011 1 answer

Does nexium contain asprin?

Posted 13 Apr 2011 1 answer

I just starting taking nexium 40m and since Sunday I loos of appetite and I don't liked at all I?

... need to eat but I don't feel hungry at all I need to is this a side effects of the medication and how long it will go away so I can eat food and feel better right now I feel ver weak and ...

Posted 27 Jan 2011 4 answers

Is Nexium affecting spinal fusion?

I have been taking Nexium for several years, 40mg daily. I had spinal fusion surgery 2/8/11 and as of today my bones are not fusing as they should. Do you think the Nexium could be the cause?

Posted 11 Jun 2011 0 answers

Looking for an alternative to Nexium?

My husband has been taking Nexium for over 3 yrs with good results and healing over time but the insurance is deciding to only cover one 30 day script for every 3 mths. We looking for an alternative ...

Posted 2 Jun 2010 2 answers

Esomeprazole - should I stop taking this, I am no better?

I am currently on Nexium because of reflux laryngitis. I've been on it for 2 wks symptoms not better, voice still bad, gained weight, terrible gas, muscle aches, headaches. Get off this? GI doc ...

Posted 10 Mar 2011 2 answers

Nexium, gives me nausea, should I keep taking Nexium?

been taking for a year but after every meal I feel nausea for an hour then go away, should i keep taking the nexum or not ,please let me know.

Posted 5 Apr 2011 1 answer

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