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I am titrating Neurontin to be a total of 1800mg per day, I am currently at 1500mg per day?

I am to take the last 300 mg capsule today to total the 1800mg, is it normal to have drowsiness and dizziness at this point? I'm concerned about taking the other 300mg today for fear of ...

Posted 23 Oct 2013 1 answer

Gabapentin - High doses of neurotin?

If a friend is taking 7000 mg. a day of neurotin, is this bad... he says he takes it for anxiety and it helps a lot.

Posted 1 Sep 2013 4 answers

Neurontin - how do I ween myself from nuerontin?

I have been taking 900 mg daily of Neurontin in three doses for 16 months for pain after shingles. How do I best ween myself off of this medication?

Posted 20 Sep 2013 5 answers

Neurontin - Does this medicine make you sick?

I have terrible stomach aches and the headache is driving me crazy. I have been taking this for over a week. The dose is 300 mg

Posted 17 Apr 2013 3 answers

Neurontin makes me sleep 18 hours (almost straight through) - early side effect or interaction?

I have spinal/vertebrae problems. Gabapentin treats my neuropathic pain well but I'm exhausted . I also take effexor, oxymoron and xanex. Occasional zopiclone. From your experience, will I stop ...

Posted 18 Sep 2013 1 answer

Can Neurontin cause creatin involvement ie cramping the way statins do with me?

I have tried many statins & always get severe calf cramps & weakness in that area. Now I am taking Neurontin generic for neuropathy & am having similar, tho not as severe, reactions. My ...

Posted 4 Jul 2013 2 answers

Bipolar Disorder - How do I get the meds I need?

My psychiatrist says I have just bipolar. I take geodon and neurontin. My therapist, recommended by him. Says I have anxiety, depression, and some PTSD. Bad childhood. I am having crippling panic ...

Posted 9 Jul 2013 4 answers

I am taking Neurontin for nerve pain and if someone could tell me more it may help?

I have a slight buldge in my L5 in my back. I've had an epidural injection and 2 sets of joint injections. They helped some but now I'm back to pain. Dr has me on Neurontin, today will be 8 ...

Posted 28 Jul 2013 2 answers

I just want to know if neurontin contains aspirin-and no where am I finding the answer?

i have looked at everything-it tells me what other things are in it, or other names it goes by, and possible side effects if taken with aspirin, but doesnt state if it contains aspirin. i am highly ...

Posted 16 Dec 2012 1 answer

Does neurotin show up in a drug test if so how long does it take for it to get out of your system?

I have taken 6 neurotin this week for pain in my leg no it is not perscribed to me so i dont want it to show up and get me in trouble i may or may not have a drug test on Feb.28 will it show up as ...

Posted 20 Feb 2013 1 answer

Can neurotin cause cramping of back muscles?

A few years ago after taking sinemet I developed paralyzingly painful leg cramps and lower back cramps - went off the med and pain stopped. Dr. said it couldn't be from sinemet but that was the ...

Posted 14 Jul 2013 1 answer

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