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Will tramadol show up in a urine drug test and will it show up as an opiate?

My doctor has prescribed 150mg of tramadol a day for arthitis and chonic neck pain? I have been free of pain since I started taking it. The only thing I am worried about is my drug test at work. Can ...

Posted 3 Jul 2010 19 answers

What's the best Muscle Relaxant available with a prescription? All opinions wanted!

I'm about to start a Skeletal Muscle Relaxant for Physical Therapy and need your help! Here are a list of Skeletal Muscle Relaxants. Please select the one you have had the best results with and ...

Posted 21 Dec 2009 39 answers

Neurontin - does neurontion really work for back pain, spinal pain, nerves, and neck pain?

i was in a car accident 2 weeks ago and my doc put me on this and im seeing a chriopracter 3 times a week for the next 6-8weeks and im scared to try this medicine because no pain med has ever helped ...

Posted 10 Apr 2012 10 answers

Is gabapentin a narcotic - will it help treat severe pain?

I just started taking gabapentin 300mg 2x daily is this a narcotic and will it help my severe leg... and neck pain

Posted 14 Dec 2010 1 answer

Prednisone 50 mg for 5 days, feeling neck pain, help!?

Hi, Went to the doctor yesterday with sinus pain, I was already taking antibiotic for teeth pain (Pen VK 500mg) for 4 days. She prescribed prednisone 50 mg for 5 days, 1 tablet each day. I feel ...

Posted 26 May 2013 2 answers

Fibromyalgia - Does anyone have neck pain?

I've had it in the past, but in the last few months it has been hurting on a daily basis. I'm using heat and I ordered a neck pillow, but still I awaken in horrible pain. Thanks for your ...

Posted 16 Apr 2013 15 answers

My PT gave me my first go at the tens unit in the clinic this am, is a painful headache commonplace?

... Also, when would I notice any benefits?( It was placed on my neck and lumbar area.)

Posted 10 Mar 2014 6 answers

What causes Severe Lower Back pain,back of neck pain right on spine, Bruising, Prolonged menstral??

Bleeding of the gums, right side and left side of lower back, severe pain down arm

Posted 24 Mar 2014 1 answer

What is tramadol, and why want it work for me?

Let me explain, I was given Tramadol for neck pain and was getting no relief. I spoke to the Doctor about it and He had Me double up on my dosage and prescribed me Methocarbmol 3 time daily. Now ...

Posted 5 Mar 2014 2 answers

I recently got a consult from an orthopedic spinal specialist and he told me in a couple years?

I may be a good candidate for spinal surgery in the cervical and lumbar regions but said he could not be of any help to me and wished me well with my chronic backpain..I was not seeking surgery(I am ...

Posted 23 Feb 2014 3 answers

Infections - My white blood cell count is over 50,000 due to a kidney infection. The meds the doc?

... gave me isnt bringing it down. Should I be concerned? Been having very high fevers and severe kidney and neck pain. Should I go to ER for treatment

Posted 31 Dec 2013 7 answers

Is naproxen effective for chronic neck pain?

I have chronic neck pain moderate to severe, depends on the day. At age 34 via x - rays and extensive testing , my Dr told me I have a neck the same as a 70 year old. No medical explanation for it ...

Posted 22 Feb 2014 1 answer

Anyone been prescribed zanaflex for chronic cervical/neck pain?

Two nights in with odd dreams immediately and the grogginess easily shook off with a strong cup of coffee. With the positive effects seemingly outweighing the negatives I'm hoping to avoid ...

Posted 2 Feb 2014 5 answers

Recently put on Tramadol 50mg for chronic neck pain from herniated disc & ostophytes, no use?

Have ostophyteson nearly all of the bones in my neck! I have a lot of trouble taking narcotic due to strange side effects. This has done absolutely nothing for my pain! Has anyone else had the same ...

Posted 11 Nov 2013 2 answers

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