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I am on mononessa have been taking it for about a year and every time I have taken my inactive or?

... green pills by the second pill I have started my period but two weeks ago when I was on the inactive pills the second pill did not start my period my third one did now I am cramping like I'm ...

Posted 17 Apr 2015 1 answer

Can I still get pregnant?

Started MonoNessa on 2nd day of period and started having unprotected sex 2 days after. I stop taking the pill a week after starting them because it made me really sick.

Posted 21 Apr 2015 1 answer

I've been taking my mononessa pills for a month now...when me and my boyfriend come to a point when?

... we ready for a baby how long after i stop taking my pill before I'm able to get pregnant?

Posted 22 Apr 2015 0 answers

What's the protocol on starting MonoNessa for the first time mid-cycle?

This is my first time taking any form of birth control. My last period began on 3/27 and my next one isn't expected until the 26th or so of this month, but I'd like to start taking the ...

Posted 9 Apr 2015 1 answer

Antibiotic and birth control interactions?

... taking amoxicillin for a 7.5 days and my proestrogen birth control MonoNessa at the same time. It was supposed to be 2 pills twice a day and then on the last day just 2 pills in the morning which ...

Posted 15 Mar 2015 2 answers

Which birth control pill works if suffering to reoccurring yeast infections?

I am on my second kind of birth control, first Apri, currently Mononessa, and going to Aviane next. But Apri and Mononessa have given me, like clockwork, issues with yeast and dryness due to ...

Posted 9 Apr 2015 0 answers

Mononessa - Should I be worried ?

I have been taking mononessa for about a year now. I get my period every month when I take the third Placebo pill. Now, taking my placebo pills around the time my period is supposed to be on I just ...

Posted 2 Apr 2015 1 answer

When I take my first Mononessa pill, how long will it take to be effective?

I have read different things on different websites. Am I protected a couple days after I begin taking Mononessa, or a week, or a month?

Posted 14 May 2013 2 answers

Birth Control: Could I be pregnant?

I'm on a 3 month regimen of Mononessa (21active pills, skipping the placebos of 2 packs). I have taken one pack already and two days after starting the second pack, I had unprotected sex and the ...

Posted 9 Mar 2015 1 answer

Just started taking mononessa?

I have been bleeding for almost 5 months straight super heavy lots of blood clots Dr wants me to take mononessa 3 pills a day for 3days. Then 2 a day for 3days then try to get down to 1 a day. And to ...

Posted 12 Mar 2015 1 answer

Mononessa - If I want to switch the dates of my period, can I start taking my active pills a few?

... days later than I normally would? My periods always fall on a weekend and it would be nice for them to be during the week. I am supposed to start my active pulls again on Tuesday. Would it be ...

Posted 27 Feb 2015 1 answer

I have taken birth control for a month & I'm on my second period. When should I take the pill again?

I've taken Mononessa for three months actually. And I acidentally skipped what was supposed to be my second period. So when my third period came around for this month I was two days late but I ...

Posted 22 Feb 2015 1 answer

I take MONONESSA TABLETS 28 and I started maybe a week too soon I had my period last month for about

... 10 days and this month i havent had my period is it possible to skip i do have unprotected sex with my husband?

Posted 2 Mar 2015 1 answer

Mononessa - I'm bleeding weeks before my period is supposed to start, is that normal?

I'm not supposed to start my period for another 3 weeks at least and I started spotting like 3 days ago, but this morning I woke up with like a blood colored discharge. Is that supposed to be ...

Posted 7 Dec 2014 1 answer

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