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Can one stop simvastatin and reduce metoprolol, while taking gemfibrozil? Patient has low blood pr?

Patient is 80 yrs old . Had a triple bypass and an aortic valve replacement (tissue) 2 years ago. Since then, he has diet and has lost 55 pounds to 192 at 6' 2''. All of a sudden he ...

Posted 21 Jan 2014 1 answer

High Blood Pressure - Seems like my heart rate goes down while taking Metoprolol 25mg and?

... hydrochlorot 25mg around 55 to 50... I do not get dizzy and feel fine... Doctor isn't worried about it... just wondering if anyone else does this too?

Posted 11 Nov 2011 4 answers

Dr. raised lisinopril dose to 20 mg 1x day now blood pressure is 178/70 is that high?

prior blood pressure was 127/70 also taking metoprolol,lipitor just curious why pressure seems high

Posted 19 Feb 2012 3 answers

High Blood Pressure - Just wondering if anyone else gets hyper-vigilant about checking their blood?

... pressure during a spike. My latest BP regimen is .3mg Clonidine at night she took me off the 50 mg Metropolol I was taking in the morning but then my heart rate started staying high so starting ...

Posted 4 Jun 2013 4 answers

Atenolol an metoprol are they the same?

Metoprol tar is 25 mg atenolol is50 mg are they the same except for the mg?

Posted 17 Oct 2013 1 answer

Can I safely take hawthorn berry supplement and metoporolol?

take metoprolol 50 mg. twice daily for high bp . can i safely take the supplement hawthorn berry 565 mg. also? my bp runs about 150/74

Posted 4 Nov 2013 1 answer

Could changing generic brand of Metoprolol Tartrate caused problems?

Started feeling bad and different (more disoriented, numbness, sleep problems) a few days after my latest refill of Metoprolol Tartrate and now I notice pharmacy changed my generic brand from Mylan ...

Posted 11 Aug 2012 2 answers

Dr switching me from metoprol75mg 2 times a day back to my old med timilol 10mg x 2 a day?

heart rate was in the 90s on the metoprolol. should I expect an immediate lower heart rate back on the timolol was in the 60's at rest on it. starting today on the timolol ...

Posted 9 Jan 2014 1 answer

High Blood Pressure - Hi All, I have good news to report today when I took my blood pressure it was?

... 106/74 with a heart rate of 79... Yay! So it looks like the combination of .3 Clonidine at night half of a 50mg Metoprolol and 100mg of Losartin in the morning along with Sertraline and Buspirone ...

Posted 8 Aug 2013 1 answer

Does using Tikosyn commonly cause loss of kidney function?

I have been taking Tikosyn five or six years. I am also on Metoprolol, Jantoven, and Lisinopril. My EP says that Tikosyn is causing loss of kidney function. He wants me to get an ICD so I can get off ...

Posted 14 May 2013 1 answer

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