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What is the most natural medicine to rebuild vaginal walls after menopause?

I am looking for something that is most natural and no side effects or dependence.

Posted 6 May 2011 1 answer

Estraderm MX - I am a women 50 yrs of age and going through menopause. My doc perscribed me the?

... estradiol for my symptoms. I started taking it today started w/ only a very small piece of the pill and I started to feel dizzy..Is this a concern ? Is anyone taking estradiol for menopause ...

Posted 26 Apr 2011 2 answers

I think I am going through menopause, what sort of questions should I ask the doctor?

Hi I am jan I am new!! I think i am going through menopause early if it is early to be 40 on saturday? I am seeing my OBGYN on the 29th and I was wondering if some of u with experience in this can ...

Posted 12 Apr 2011 2 answers

Estradiol/norethindrone 1mg/.05mg?

The change of life really hit me hard and I needed the medicine. It has been 4 years now taking it and I would really like to know how to get off of it. My doctor told me it would be a hard one to ...

Posted 29 May 2011 1 answer

Can reducing Prozac dose make you feel premenstrual or hormonal?

I recently had a decrease in prozac and felt premenstrual: After thinking I went through an early menopause as I did not have a period for two years while on prozac. Is there a side effects with ...

Posted 25 Jan 2011 1 answer

My doctor said that the latest research on estradiol patch prove that it is very safe is it true?

I would like to know where I can find the latest informations and also comments on post menopausal women taking it?

Posted 3 May 2011 1 answer

I have just been prescribed Catapres (clonidine) 100mcg- at a dose of a quarter of a tablet twice a?

... day- for the relief of menopausal hot flushes (or flashes). Has anyone been on this, and have you had any success?

Posted 23 Mar 2011 1 answer

Taking sertraline for anxiety from menopause, developed a rash on my face and neck, should I stop?

Should I stop taking it my face feels like it's on fire and I get many lil white looking pimples

Posted 2 Apr 2011 2 answers

Menopause Support - please, any advice is welcome. I am a 47 year old insulin dependent diabetic, i?

... am currently taking humalog insulin, synthryoid for low thyroid and klonopin for anxiety. Just recently i have began to sweat profusely with any activity. I sweat so bad i soak through my shirt ...

Posted 27 Apr 2011 1 answer

Has anyone used Lysteda that is having heavy bleeding due to peri-menopause after age 50?

I am 53 and have been having a very heavy cycle every 3 months. Last time my cycle was light for 30+ days and then extremely heavy. My doctor gave me samples of Lysteda, I took 3 x day for 2 days, ...

Posted 8 Jan 2011 1 answer

Menopausal Disorders - Anybody out there have a normal sex drive, then start menopause and lose it?

And then start menopause and lose interest? I know that it's hard to talk about but I'd really appreciate an answer from somebody. Thanks. NIK

Posted 9 Mar 2011 4 answers

Endometriosis -Can anyone relate to diagnoses of early menopause in 24year old?

or any info on the subject?Any answers/suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

Posted 8 Apr 2011 3 answers

Nervousness when first switching to Femring?

Had Hysto. on Feb. 25, 2011.;have tried mostly bio-identicals, in patch/cream form; avoid orals due to gastro/absorption issues; had been put into chemical menopause prior due to supposed ...

Posted 4 Apr 2011 1 answer

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