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Depression,Physcotic,Paranoid Personality Disorder,etc?

I used to do drugs a couple of years ago(Marijuana) and I used to date a girl and she really hurt me bad.Now.I am always wanting to have a girlfriend or be in a relationship and I am just wandering.I ...

Posted 22 Jul 2010 4 answers

How can I ask my Dr. for a medical marijuana card? I have Lupus, herniated clavical discs and?

... artritis. I live in Ca. I just dont know how to ask him.

Posted 4 Apr 2010 2 answers

Medication vs therapy?

this is specifically for people with anxiety disorders... Some serious, cronic forms of anxiety actually cause brain damage and this is no way to live. I personally believe people should try ...

Posted 15 Feb 2010 6 answers

Bipolar with addiction to Marijuana?

please help! What are good outpatient rehabs for me.

Posted 12 Aug 2010 1 answer

How long, if you are not a heavy user, does marijuana stay in your system for bloodwork etc?

I have a friend who smokes now and then, and they will have to do bloodwork soon? He smoked some last week, and will have to have bloodwork done on 5/5/10. Please answer, thank you.

Posted 17 Feb 2010 1 answer

What can I do as a parent of a 22 year son with Bipolar to comply with his medications?

My son has a dual diagnosis... bipolar with addiction to Marijuana. He's been in the hospital three times this year for severe Manic episodes. We are exhausted, stressed and worried... how can ...

Posted 20 Aug 2010 1 answer

I am trying to get clean off of: Suboxone, Xanax, Ambien, Marijuana?

I have been addicted to opiates since I have been 15(oxycontin) then at 18 started using heroin. I have gone back and forth between heroin and suboxone for the past 8 years. My Dr. has me on Xanax ...

Posted 6 May 2010 1 answer

Long-term effects of heavy marijuana use, heavy alcohol consumption & drugs for anxiety/depression?

This is in a patient with paranoid schizophrenia, major depression, and anxiety/panic attacks. Average alcohol is 3 liter bottle of wine in one setting. Spends about $500 a month on marijuana.

Posted 12 Mar 2010 2 answers

Tramadol question?

I have 10 50mg Tramadol tablets and about 12 500mg tablets of amoxicillon, I also have some marijuana and alcohol. Should I smoke the marijuana and drink the alchohol before I take all of the pills ...

Posted 19 Mar 2010 1 answer

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