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By adding an antipsychotic medication to lithium will it help with bipolar mania?

After more then a year on lithium my husband is still having very agressive an obsesive thoughts and behavior. Will it really help to add an antipsychotic drug to the lithium?'and how will the ...

Posted 3 days ago 1 answer

Bupropion - Bipolar, taking 300mg of Wellbutrin 1xdaily. Mania now??

I have been taking wellbutrin after seven years of trying soutany mess and combos for my bipolar depression when I was diagnosed those 7 years ago. It has worked amazingly. I am happy as best as a ...

Posted 4 hours 45 minutes ago 0 answers

Hi I'm 48 male & have just been diagnosed with Bipolar?

I have been put on lithium & seriquil I don't mind the lithium but the 300 mg of seriquil is knocking me around badly Do I have to take both?

Posted 23 Apr 2016 5 answers

Is it possible that a medical condition can cover up some of the symptoms bipolar mania?

Diagnosed with severe depression anxiety and I'm irritable very often. I have trouble staying asleep so I get 4-6 hours a night and I'm tired all the time which was why bipolar was ruled ...

Posted 17 days ago 2 answers

Self monitoring lithium levels?

I know all of you will highly not recomend this but i am not in a position to pay for checkups and lab tests and therapists visits. I was diagnoses with bipoler II disorder earlier in life and was ...

Posted 13 Apr 2016 2 answers

How long does the first dose of olanZanpine Take to kick in?

Hi, I'm 24 & suffer badly from bipolar 1 disorder, my phycyatrist has struggled to get the right medication for me & is now trying me on lithium & olanzapine (10mgs) starting this ...

Posted 12 Apr 2016 1 answer

Eacitalopram 10mg, not anxious but jittery and restless?

i have been on 10mg's generic lexapro for a week after being on 5mg for 5 weeks for anxiety/agitated depression/ocd. is it normal to feel abit jittery/restless on lexapro 6weeks in? i feel ...

Posted 5 Apr 2016 3 answers

Haloperidol - Does haldol cause weight gain?

I have been on lithium but now haldol for bipolar with mania and schizoaffective. Was on zyprexa in past and just lost all the weight I gained from it.

Posted 15 Feb 2016 1 answer

Bi Polar for 10 years. Cut back on drinking 8 months ago. Feeling increase in mania n anxiety?

Diagnosed with bi polar 2 in my early twenties. Had come to a balance with 900 lithium and 5 to 10 mg lexapro(Still some episodes but always long hypo manic ups and flat but manageable downs). But ...

Posted 22 Mar 2016 1 answer

I use haldol decanoate 50mg/ml one time in a month. is there a risk of diabete for me?

I'm psychosis but m'y doctorat Said i suffer of bipolar désorder ( hypomany )

Posted 22 Jan 2016 1 answer

Depakote - Did you hey diarrhea?

We had to up my husbands dose he got the poops will it go away.?

Posted 11 Feb 2016 3 answers

Question about the Rx, Lithium?

My son (age 17) has been diagnosed with ADD, generalized anxiety disorder, and Bi-Polar II. He has been a happy and bright person/kid most of his life, he has made good grades but has had many run-in ...

Posted 31 Jan 2016 5 answers

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