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Hypothyroidism - Does Synthroid affect your mental state?

My 9-year old daughter started taking it 8 months ago and has lost focus. Her grades are still good, but dropping, and she says she feels like the drug is making her dumb which breaks my heart. The ...

Posted 20 Aug 2012 1 answer

Armour thyroid - When will I feel normal?

I have been recently diagnosed with Hashimotos and have been on Armour Thyroid for 2 months now. I started with 30mg, then 60 and now I have 60 for 4 days (t-t-s-s) and 90 for 3 days (m-w-f). The ...

Posted 30 Mar 2012 1 answer

What should I expect for an hour cancer exam?

I'm scheduled for the end of the month for an hour cancer exam. I'm sure that lab work will be ordered, and my lymph glands will be checked. Has anybody been to a blood cancer specialist? ...

Posted 13 Nov 2012 4 answers

Hello everyone,just an update to let you know that my doctor started me on levothyroxine today?

I have been prescribed .1mg of levo for starters, i am scheduled for bloodwork in February & a visit 1 week later. I will keep everyone informed as to how i am doing. Take Care & God Bless, ...

Posted 21 Nov 2012 2 answers

Hypothyroidism and pregnancy?

... I found out i have hypothyroidism and took synthroid for about a month And gettin it checked again soon, i never have used protection during sex and never worried about getting pregnant should I ...

Posted 3 Oct 2012 3 answers


I just turned 40 and I have been on levothyroxine for hypothyroidism for 10 years. I went into early menopause do to this and I am losing my hair. I have tried everything! Any suggestions before I ...

Posted 11 Aug 2012 2 answers

I'm so confused by all this thyroid stuff. Like hyper vs hypo and Hashimotos. I need some help?

A doctor put me on two types is thyroid medication, Synthroid and Nature Throid. So I took the meds as prescribed for a few weeks but then I started to feel sick. I ran a low grade fever, got very ...

Posted 14 Apr 2012 4 answers

Does anyone have experience/information regarding a nutritional approach to hypothyroidism?

Such as diet (meaning targeted foods for hypothyroidism) and supplements, for adults?

Posted 10 Sep 2012 3 answers

Can I take flagyl twice a day instead of 3 daily due to intolerable side effects? Will my infection?

... go away on 2 dAily? Have hypothyroidism. Should I stay away from flagyl?

Posted 19 Jul 2012 1 answer

Can Levothyroxine and Premarin be causing my High Blood Pressure?

Also I am on Losartan for the BP, had a horrible reaction to HCTZ so had to stop that. My new OBGYN does not want me on Premarin due to the high BP. I feel like crying because it made me feel so much ...

Posted 3 May 2012 2 answers

Is it all-right for me to take a thyroid support supplement while taking the synthroid?

My primary physician put me on Synthroid a number of years due to hypothyroidism. Would it be all-right for me to take a thyroid support supplement contating iodine, selenium, B vitamins, Zinc and ...

Posted 3 Feb 2012 2 answers

Hypothyroidism - Hi: I was on Armour Thyroid for 9 years, thru 2 different docs. A year ago a new?

... doc changed me over to compounded T3/T4 SR. Is anyone else on this? If so, what does it cost you? Thanks. Mary, madhatter

Posted 17 Mar 2012 2 answers

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