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Benazepril/Hydrochlorothiazide - In may 2012, my Doctor put me on Benazeptrin HCTZ TAB 20-12.5 for?

... high blood pressure, in August 2012, I developed Peyronie's Disease. I can assure I did not injure my penis, I am convinced this occured due to the medication? Am I right?

Posted 10 Dec 2012 3 answers

Hydrochlorothiazide/Triamterene and Citalopram?

About three weeks ago, I was prescribed hydro/triamterene for fluid in the ear (hydrops) I also take 20 mg of citalopram for anxiety. Is it safe to take these two medications? I noticed a moderate ...

Posted 8 Nov 2012 2 answers

Hydrochlorothiazide - Does this med contriblutes to neuthropy?

I have been fighting neuthrophy for two years and have taken everything and nothing seems to help then I read in a blog that this medicine can cause neuthrhopy

Posted 19 Dec 2012 1 answer

Did any one get a bad case of vertigo from Hydrochlorothiazide?

I was actually hospitalized today, I woke up this morning with the room spinning about 60 rpm out of control and for the last 2 months I have had a brain fog and been light headed

Posted 20 Nov 2012 1 answer

Hydrochlorothiazide/Valsartan - I have been taking Diovan HTC 320/25 for many years. I have moved to

... overseas where i can not get this medication . does anybody know which blood pressure medication is closest to valsartan or diovan ?

Posted 13 Aug 2012 1 answer

Amlodipine/hydrochlorothiazide/olmesartan - if I use amlodipine,hydrochlorthiazide,olmesartan in a?

... pt. having glaucoma,what happened?age of the pt.60 years,sex:female.

Posted 18 Dec 2012 0 answers

I use viagra,it seems when used with hydrochlorothiazide I still have e d?

is this a common complaint ?

Posted 11 Nov 2012 1 answer

Hydrochlorothiazide/Lisinopril - We I have been on this never ending cycle of BP meds. Due to the?

... insurance will not pay for my benicar anymore. In June I was changed to losartan HCTZ I was on that for 4 weeks it didn't bring the pressure down so they changed me to Irbesartan HCTZ, I had ...

Posted 12 Sep 2012 3 answers

Amlodipine/hydrochlorothiazide/olmesartan - Why did my vision go blurry? Then I saw blood!?

Good Day, Hope you doing well? I have a concern; Last night before I went to bed I turned the light off as I was walking toward my bed my vision became blurred. It was as if a cloud moved over the ...

Posted 25 Oct 2012 1 answer

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