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I have noticed an increased problem with acid reflux since taking Flomax?

I have been on medication for years ( pantoprazole) for the condition but suddenly it is not working. Have been on the Flomax for at least 3 months and the acid reflux problem is getting worse. ...

Posted 18 Aug 2010 1 answer

I am a person who have a very low pressure blood. I need a Doxazosin?

I am a patient of BPH and I need a treatment of Doxazosin or Flomax. What do I need to do in order to get a good pressure blood?

Posted 10 Mar 2011 1 answer

Are there any foods or juices that should be avoided while taking Flomax?

I just added Cranberry juice to my diet and it seems to negate the positive muscle relaxing effects of Flomax. I now feel as if my urine stream is reduced and my bladder is certainly not emptying.

Posted 26 Aug 2010 1 answer

I have multiple sclerosis and enlarged preostate.Is it safe to use baclofen if I am also taking?

... flomax and avodart daily 10mg baclofen daily... are they safe to take together

Posted 9 Dec 2010 2 answers

Does flomax cause increased heart rate?

Posted 12 Jun 2010 1 answer

Flomax - I had a radical prostatectomy 5 years ago, but still loosea lot of urine when stood for a?

... long period. At all other times no problem. I have done kagel exercises, but no improvement. Im taking duloxetene at present and they are making no difference. Is there any medication to stop ...

Posted 22 Oct 2010 1 answer

Have been taking flomax for a couple of weeks now- seemed to improve a bit?

Still urninating more than I should - is it ok to increase dosage to .8mg

Posted 22 Dec 2010 1 answer

My husband takes Flomax and never gets a good night sleep. Keeps urinal by bed. Pees frequently?

Is Flomax (he takes it at bedtime) making him have to pee so much at night??? He doesn't pee that frequently during the day. He had his protrate gland removed 12 years ago due to cancer.

Posted 24 Sep 2010 1 answer

Should woman take flomax for uti?

Posted 13 Nov 2009 1 answer

How long do you need to be off flomax before the side effects decrease?

I am specifically interested in cataract surgery. What is considered a safe amount of time to be off flomax before the surgeon no longer needs to take special precautions?

Posted 1 Jul 2010 1 answer

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