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Taking Wellbutrin 300mb XR, started Focalin XL and now may start ALSO Tamsulosin (Flomax)?

Rarely drink Alcohol and did not before either. Dont smoke. Concerned if taking my Anti Depressant along ADD med (Focalin) AND Tamsulosin would be overkill as they ALL seem to be on the side of ...

Posted 18 Apr 2011 1 answer

On Flomax for a month. Can still reach a climax with wife but no longer any ejaculate - at all!?

... Uncommon side-effect? I'm 69 but still curious as to cause

Posted 11 Sep 2011 1 answer

My husband is 3 months post stroke. Has developed a terrible itching problem with no rash?

He is on Metoporol, Digoxin, Furosimide, Amlodopine, Diovan, Warfarin and Flomax.

Posted 6 Mar 2010 5 answers

My husband is on flomax and is having a problem with excessive sweating?

... Is this a possible side effect of Flomax? He has to change his PJ's half way through the night because they are soaked with sweat. He is having a lot the side effects that are mentioned, ...

Posted 1 Jun 2011 1 answer

Flomax Generic - Is it available?

Posted 18 Nov 2009 2 answers

What if you are taking nitro glycerin and plavix and metropolol while taking flomax?

I am also taking Clonazepam, loritab, asprin, Neurontin, Prilosecm Lyrica and Percocet?

Posted 7 Aug 2011 2 answers

Can Flomax 0.4 raise my diastolic b.P?

Posted 22 Aug 2011 0 answers

What is the half-life of Flomax?

Posted 31 May 2010 1 answer

Has anyone given up the drugs in favor of surgery--TURP or TUIP?

I am currently taking Flomax and had some side effects so the Dr switched me to Rapaflo. I do not like drugs and am wondering if I should have the surgery?

Posted 23 Feb 2011 1 answer

Would stopping folmax cause your psa score to go up?

After stopping flomax my psa shot up 30 points.

Posted 14 May 2011 0 answers

Kidney stone/8mm prescribed Flomax?

I have a larger than normal kidney stone and it's lodged in the narrowest area of the ureter, I have a stent in place to aid in the passage, but it's not working. The ER doctor prescribed ...

Posted 14 Sep 2009 2 answers

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